Land already claimed error

Game mode: [Online | PVE-C]
Problem:| Bug |
Region: Oceanic

While building, another player put up little structures to hinder the process and now despite having laid an initial row i can now no longer build on my existing row. Could you please fix this? Thank-you :slight_smile:

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Lay sandstone foundation
2.Go to bed
3.Log back on to continue build
4.Get error " Land already claimed "

I had this issue a few minutes ago. I tried restarting the game a couple of times and no luck. For some reason, it was fixed after changing the system language from spanish to english.

I’m not sure if has anything to do or if it was pure luck but it helped.

Hello @Melleah, when one player builds at the edge of another’s claim, there will be a claim intersection area where both players shouldn’t be able to build in, which is intended and expected behavior for the current claim system.

As a workaround, most players extend their claims beyond their main buildings through the use of walls or other placeables.

The strange thing Is that claim intersection randomly changes. Sometimes I log in AND have this issue. Log off and login and the issue dissapears. I Will récord a video next Time this happen.

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@malbsolisglez, thank you, feel free to share it within this post or opening a new one if it gets automatically locked.

Hi @Hugo, I successfully reproduced this problem as you can see in this video:

As you can see, I logged into the game being in a little base that i build that is relatively near to my neighbors and does not have any door so I guess it counts as outdoors (not sure if this details is relevant). From 00:25 to 00:45 I moved a table around my base and I placed it in one of the corners.

Then I moved to my actual indoors base which is just a few seconds away and log off.

Then I logged in again and I went to my little base. As you can see, at 2:11 I tried to place a table in the same spot where I placed the other table just a few seconds ago and I received the “Land already claimed message”. At 2:47 I even removed the table that I previously placed (sorry, that second is kind of choppy) and when I tried to put it back into the very same spot, I could not do it.

I’m in Official server #4523 PvE -

I hope this helps to understand better this issue. Regards.


We really appreciate the time taken to provide a video of the issue in action, it has been forwarded to our team.


This is still a massive issue that should not be possible, it isn’t caused by borders being slightly overlapping, the issue is that I have walls and can’t build up to 15 squares INSIDE of them.

This is made worse by the guild that is trying to claim the whole zone with the little huts not decaying correctly, I check the decay and it’s 7 hours, so I go and pick some stone and come back in about half an hour and it’s not up to 56 hours… with no one in that clan logging on.

I understand there is certain coding to ensure overlap can’t happen however this seems to be more bug related than that, so please have it checked out


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This is still an issue that is causing us building problems inside our borders, could you please provide an update?

Just to clarify, not trying to push borders out more, we have walls and fences and are trying to build inside those, which I would think wouldn’t be anything different from the game expectations

Hi @Vaske, we have no updates regarding the land claim issue at this time, but thank you for providing your input.

We would really appreciate it if you could share a screenshot or a short video showcasing the area you’re unable to build into within your claim, while also showing where is the closest building from another player or clan.

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This has been an ongoing problem on the official I’m playing on, there are two clans who got some reason have a dislike for me and continually grief me, I moved base several times to get away from them but what they like to do is put up towers on the edge of my landclaim to fire gas and acid arrows during pvp time, of course this causes havoc inside my base as sometimes it’s claimed land and sometimes it’s not within my walls, what I don’t like is this overlap in land claim actually promotes griefing in the sense that they know by building close to you the can claim land within your walls as a side note what’s happening with alters as I’ve seen them place them impossibly close to walls where foundations wouldn’t normally place because land is claimed.

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image image

Here are two photos with the land claim issue, one is almost the middle of my base area, and the other is showing how close the other building is.
Aside from the issue, being able to build at all this close shouldn’t be an option, it severely impacts our purge events (which are weak as sandstone shouldn’t be able to hold up against tundra/ice/volcano biomes but it does) and obviously our game play


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