A way to limit foundation spam

We need a system in place for pve and pvec to limit foundation spamming because of not being able to blow up buildings. On 3828 we have a clan called Masons of Crom who have built large bases all over the map for months and connected roads to all of them AND the obelisks. Ive been on this server for almost a year and have tried to reason with them, but they are being unreasonable, and ive had enough… Good clans have left and new players have nowhere to build… Please Funcom, lets do something about this. I do not want to abandon my server bc of this. Theres also another clan who has foundationed around the entire starmetal spawn area and have plans to spike it off. Theres another clan who spammed nearly all of the north lol…so its a problem. Huge. What can we do?

Thank you.

Pvp server, ez

I know. But like i said, i dont want to leave my server and i like to pvp without worrying about my hard work going away while offline. PveC is exactly how i like to play. I just dont like that people can abuse this feature. Thats why im bringing awareness.

Well, that’s probably exactly the way they think too. That’s the downside of playing pve and pveC, gotta be prepared for stuff like that to happen

Land Claim Flag Idea!!!

thou I’ve been pointing at that idea for several months now…

The need for imbecilic cords/roads really needs to go.

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No. There is absolutely a difference. Me not wanting my BASE to go that i worked hard on is much different than someone holding onto the product of their greed, lack of self control, and abuse. The fact that people think that they are tbe same needs to change.

Land claim idea really only had 2 draw backs.

One semi-limited building. (which gives or take how many flags your given)
and it would stop super ultra mega omgwtfbbq bases from being connected.

(since bubble could not over lap or connect) So the person building on water with 10+ mega building connected by walk ways, Would lose ability to have connected walk ways at some point.

BUT… no one could block many of bosses, wall off a city, or wall in player, or wall off anything. Major resources areas like Iron or brimstone etc could get no build bubble preventing there lock out.
Which would be massive bonus, On top of ability to click ONE flag, and reset every base in one go. No more need to walk to every base to reset it.

Negative way its being done now, needs a major fix… and few of us who get crazy with ultra bases would have to take a hit. Thou, its mostly fully connected bases on Ultra crazy scale. Guild Flag or Main land Claim Flag would be pretty decent in size to cover large section of map.

It would do away with how land claim raduis works. So even if someone slap a flag on iron ore. It wouldnt despawn it inless a base was built.

Way to may Pros to handful of Cons.

And it would get my ■■■ back Online more often. Cause I’m sick of penis statues, racial symbols and blocking of map and ****. =D

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Or just take care of your server.

When we started to play on the official server we are since 11 months now, there was block, foundation spam etc.

We simply blocked the blockers everytime we can, we killed them in pvp time, we even buried their blocks sometimes, we killed their pets and thralls using bosses etc.

In the long run, even a troll desists and leaves.

But when finally destroyed a block we claimed the land and built an arc, to prevent new blocks.

We also built several “infrastuctures” for all players, we made new friends, we helped new players who becomed in the time than 60 lvl allied.

So now it’s really difficult to block something really important on the official server where we play.

Of course, half of your playing time if you act this way is refreshing your decay timers or take care of other players problems.

But in the long run it works.


There’s really not a difference. You said they built roads between the huge bases they made. They wanted to build and they did, first come first serve. It’s different if you’re blatantly landclaiming around someone else’s base but if they were legitimately building then I don’t see a problem here.

Again, I tend not to sympathize with PvE players complaining about land claiming because PvP is an option. And if you know how to build, your stuff won’t get stolen. There’s a PvE clan on my PvP server that has managed to survive without alliances, and they’re located 2 blocks away from the second strongest clan on the server. I guess it depends on the people but at least the people on my server don’t bomb stuff that looks cool/ is clearly not geared towards pvp.

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