How to stop foundation spam

The server I play on has been overrun by lousy players that simply foundation spam everything. Foundation spamming is detrimental to the operation of the server and causes all types of problems such as lag and even server crashes.

I’ve been going over other posts and thinking and I feel I’ve come up with a solution.

Create a Corner Stone feature. Similar to how bedrolls work. You place a foundation and set it to be your cornerstone. Then it sets a designated radius around that stone where you can build. Any foundations or other building materials outside of it will rapidly decay unless you select a new cornerstone. However, if you select a new cornerstone, you will lose the old cornerstone causing that old base to rapidly decay (say 24 hrs.)

This would also prevent Vault spamming, it would prevent thrall wheel spamming and alter spamming.

People would have to build their bases with Thrall wheels, maprooms, and alters within their allotted radius. All those items are abused every day. Vaults, thrall wheels, alters should decay within 24 hours if outside cornerstone area same thing for other items like

This would force people to build normal bases and build up active defenses rather than foundation layering and spamming.

Game-changing strategies that will force players to play the game rather than run around griefing the game.

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Might work for PVP. Pve would have multiple strokes. Last I went on official pve it was a mess giant pyramid covered black rhino and all the lakes. Officials need something and I am staying out of it.

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It would prevent PVE servers from doing the same. PVE is almost unplayable because of the ignorance of players spamming. Which makes no sense since you can’t do building damage anyway. So…makes no sense to foundation spam on PVE. Well, either gameplay rooms foundation spamming is just a dick move.


Cool idea, but what if a player or clan wishes to create more than one base in different locations?


doesn’t the decay system already prevent random spam? if the foundations aren’t linked and aren’t recharged by a player they go poof in no time.

sounds like what you are talking about is very large buildings that are being actively used by the people who built them?

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Or used to block resources even in pve where there is no way of removing it.

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This “solution” doesn’t work for me for the following reason , on a pve / pve-c server , to prevent obelisks from being blocked by a greiffer , people build “community maprooms” , also having some “outposts” is totaly normal as the map is big and since teleporting with a unconcious thrall is not intended , having some wheel of pain outside of your main base is also totaly legit.

What I would rather like to see is a reduction of the maximum timmer of sandstone fundations scaling over the average level of a clan AND the time spent on the server . This means that low level new players could still build their home and have the “normal timmer” , while at lvl 60 and 80+ hours on the server the timmer of sandstone would drop to a few hours ( just to be used as scafolding and base planning )


Right, gottcha.

I don’t love the solution proposed because it restricts people a lot, especially on pvp servers where this is less of an issue because there you have the option of blowing things up and you need to build raid bases etc etc.

I think a softer method of discouraging excessive building would be better. higher crafting costs perhaps, or just a shorter decay timer maybe?

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You’re scaling timer sounds good not sure Funcom could implement it. Giving new people a chance to get settled sounds good.

Tosses Multi Land flag claim idea back on table…

Just saying… “near” no limit building, but prevents spider webs (cause no longer needed) and ability to build and connect major large walls forcing players to rethink how they defend stuff.

Yes it have come so many good ways to prevent that spaning during the years. And now whit Siptha on early acces its a werry good time to do somthing about it. Spec when the land clame and building is made to work on a pvp server.

Its good that you can report the most bad players but is an slow and demand som work to make it.

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And people might be upset with the borders/radius of that stone. We already have the decay mechanic, and at least in my PVE-Combat server, i see all the inactive housings fading away.


The community maprooms I build on the servers I play have dancers and fountains as well and include a safe space to log out.

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That’s the thing. I think that is also part of the problem.

Clans need to learn to work together or not at all. By that, I mean, If you want to be building bases all over the map, you don’t need to be part of the clan. You should be on your own anyway. However, if you are part of a clan, working together is what makes you strong. Separating and diving up resources creates weakness.

Our clan does not allow multiple bases. We work together or you’re not part of the clan. We have developed methods of protecting loot etc so that even an offline raid won’t hurt anything but building damage. Then we can laugh as they waste bombs on an empty base. (as a clan found out last night.) This morning, all T3 material was replaced and all they got was a box of dung. LOL. (LOVE IT)

Anyway, I digress. The land claim is a decent feature but it is probably one of the most abused aspects of the game. (other than glitches or exploits) Having foundations or anything out “just because” needs to be dealt with.

I mean, there was literally one clan that walled in dessert spawn across the entire map. three rows of foundations. It was sooooooo laggy. Thankfully, we had a number of well-known clans and we wiped that clan but the land claim took forever to get rid of. Now the server is smooth again.


Yeah, on PVP this is stupid. It gives your enemies ways to escape. On PVE and C you should simply do something like they do with the Battle flags or something.

The proble ther is the clan system that everything is open 4 al members whit a big risk for al members. The system needs an way to have an privat area and loot for every member as an option and/or an clan diplomasy system whit a cowork thing as long as its not more then 10 player in total in the alianse.

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Yes needs to be separare systems for pvp and pve!

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Well, that’s good to know. I mean, who could have guessed that, with PVP, giving an enemy an advantage would be bad?

If only there were an indication that the community maprooms referred to PVE/PVEC servers.

Oh, look, there it is.

“On PVE and C you should simply do something like they do with the Battle flags or something.”

Yeah, right. I’ll get on that, directly. Especially the “or something.” It’s those types of specifics that highlight the superior mind.

But to build a maprome next to the obelisk is just an temporalt solution, sone or later that clan will decay (hapens so many times on my server) and then it free fot the toxic clan to grab the space!

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What about just adding a building piece limit like the thrall limit? Base for each clan and addition added for each member?