Funcom, 1590 is asking you to please wipe the foundation spam in Shattered Springs

Hello Admin, the whole server in 1590 pvp on pc is requesting you clean up shattered springs. Would greatly appreciate it

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Thanks admin! This is also a high pop server, lots of new players joining and running into this type of problem isn’t enjoyable.

Thanks for your assistance.

Admin please clear the shattered springs or make it unbuild able zone.

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PVP, the servers players need to handle this. Part of resource wars. PVE-C and PVE, don’t really know. Officials don’'t have Admins, so it may be just wait them out thing for PVE-PVE-C and hope the players who placed go away…

@WhatMightHaveBeen simply not true.

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so Funcom actually had someone clean it up? Wow @ignasis is this true? It would be a first from what i know. And if true, disapointed that a legal PVP (not PVE or PVE-C, but PVP) tactic (d-baggish yes, but not breaking any game mechanics) gets “fixed”, yet the under mesh complaints I know that have been sent seem to go un-touched until a patch???

I have been on many servers that they foundation spammed shattered springs, a admin would come on to clean it up. 1590 pvp on pc is a very populated server that always have max 40 before raid times and have people waiting to auto join. I time on it is fresh but we will keep a eye on it for decay timer. Hopefully they will not refresh it but who know with a bed in the lake, they are hoping to refresh this land claim.

People shouldn’t be allowed to build spam like this in the lake.



All is good in love and war. Its an effective tactical move. Quit crying and running to admins to protect yourself. Its a survival pvp. Get to it!

So on a pvp server, no one is going to try and blow it up? Also, if not allowed to build there, then no one should be able to build on any resource spawn area. Where is the limit? Gods claw, anywhere there is a forest? Again, PVP is different than PVE. They have no means to really take care of the spamming. But PVP, part of the game is to destroy stuff. If you aren’t making bombs with the brimstone, then you really don’t need shattered springs. The mounds/Asagarth drop more than enough steel to build with, as well as other caves of brimstone if you want to go the long resource route. The springs, tbh, is mainly a bomb makers resource need.

You need brimstone to make bombs, that lake is the only lake that can give you the most. Farming a cave or underwater for brimstone does not give enough resources to make all those bombs to clear that foundation spam at the lake. You know how much steel fire you need to make enough dragon powder. I feel like I’m replying to a bunch of pve or pve-c players. We pvp enough at the lake, that’s 39 other players wanting brimstone for that 1 spot. Slow respawn rate, it takes 1 hour for the brimstone to even come back fully 100%. 30 mins for half

Hence it was a PVP tactic. Limit the bombs. IT is no different than limiting obbies etc. No one on the server has reserves of DP to blow the foundations up? I am not saying it is easy, but to ask an admin to come in is counter to PVP. Blow the bed up, hunt the trolls, use reserves. It is war on officials. Again, i don’t agree with the tactic, but where is the line on admin interference on PVP?

There’s not been any recent cleanups. We do also not intervene in situations like this one unless there are any aggravating circumstances such as extreme harassment, massive landclaim or structures made with the sole purpose of preventing gameplay to a large number of players.
You can check out our stance here:

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Well, in my opinion this landclaim on the spot where the exile lands biggest resource of brimstone are is preventing gameplay. On official servers there should NOT be able to build on important resource land, especially when it is rare spots. Cave doesnt give much

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The entirety of brimstone lake on Official Server #1590 PVP on Steam is completely unplayable due to the fact that brimstone lake is completely well spammed and t3 foundation spammed to block all brimstone spawns this needs to be devwiped to become playable again I have screen shots but new users cant post images please get back to us ASAP #1590 would appreciate it he dosnt even play just spammed it to be an â– â– â–  and block spawns which is against policy

seriously playerrs are leaving we are a capped out server!!! CLEAN 1590 NOW!

Have you guys tried to make an account on gportal website and submit a ticket to them? since they are the ones managing the servers and not funcom?

They just provide hardware, they can’t interfere with gameplay.

And blocking brimstone doesn’t break any rule

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That’s all fun and games, and I’m all for brutality and hardship, but your comment is a bit childish and denote some maniac sociopatic/toxic behaviour, have you tried consulting a specialist?