Another Official PvP server is lost....scum players at it again Funcom

Well, our server has just been taken over by an alpha clan of very foul mouth toxic individuals. They take pride is wiping/ruining numerous servers already and not caring if player base leaves the game or not. They have bases all over the server and had been able to raid and destroy 90% of the other bases mainly do to 10000s of explosives that are stockpiled. The sever is now all but empty accept for them. So what the heck are we few remaining players to do…no gods to help and our numbers too low to resist. Is this the death of yet another official pvp server? This kind of thing is getting out of control and something needs to be done ASAP or there will be NOOOOOO more official PvP servers for new players to join or to retain the older player base that lost them.

This is not good for business Funcom. That is why these types of games fade away in a few short years. I do not give a crap about rewarding a clan of kids that spend all their life playing a game at the cost of loosing officials servers along with the active and potential player base. No individual or group should have the right to ruin a server, no matter how nerdy they play, and take away the player base from the game.

Depends what situation.

But if you are getting “owned” by an Alpha clan, I don’t see any reason why making this topic?

If they are in a group with 6 and own 90% of the official server, they are god!

If they are cheating, they should get banned.

With other words: Funcom

its pvp no one cares

Besides that, it’s more interpretation of " ruin a server ".

If some clan builds around brimstone, for most people the game is ruined.
For me, a challenge.

theres more than one way of getting brimstone, the shattered springs is just THE place to go

Just join a PVE-C/PvP Community Server where toxic players are banned. Simple solution. 2500 hours on Exiles for me and i don’t have any complaint about all these “issues” players keep having, since i run my own server and have done since Oct 2019 and the game for me is 100% fun and enjoyable.

we have same but our “super god and unbeatable” alpha clan is meshing to survive… soo… no help from funcom yet. this tribe meshed us aswell… lost a lot other ally clans on server trough that .
maybe should just quit n come back once they fixed it. but hard to give up to some exploiting people within one week after u spent month or years on that server.

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mhm you are ironicly a part of the rason why fc doesnt take are of its official server

To be honest some time I think no one read on test live server they are putting up a new undermesh whatever the word after that was for the life of me I can’t remember but the letter from what’s his name or position to be honest it to me since Hugo go here to till now to remember his name and the ig one I cannot spell his no not anyone else’s but in the letter he’s said please try and undermesh to tell us how the system is doing how often do they say please undermesh. I found that very funny by the way which it really is Hey I’m the new what ever and a change was made can you all start undermeshing now lololololol But in all seriousness when all the updates including the next few as there may be more followers update or something else they wish to mainly focus on

So if a clan is 10 strong where your one strong it’s easy to lose however I get smaller clans and solos used god to help take the big clan out but that knife cuts both ways as you wipe there base they wipe yours on top of that they level you and you level them. They as 10 could quickly build far faster and more in a short period of time that the would still be able to out power you each time so it’s more of on pvp you should always be in a clan of 6 or more never alone that’s part of the problem is people mad that they solo when they choose to be and the other is 10 strong is it the 10 strong clan fault that the solo won’t team up with others solo if you want pve or single player or pve c but that’s why it’s pvp player v player. Not player v stare you are too destroy each other that what pvp is now the cheating and what not then they should be dealt with if not they are playing bye the rules and should not be touched I do not like teaming up thus I won’t play pvp and not to take space from those who whorls want clan vs clan but solo should stay on pve or pve c and single player

It’s pvp bro … if your not able to stand against them just play PVE … there are also options to stand against a big tribe even solo …
Just build where you can repair alone or hide yourself on many little different farm bases …

How do these alpha clans dominate and ruin the fun of everyone else? That’s a serious question, because I think I’m missing something.

Assuming they’re one clan of a maximum of 10 players, they should be outnumbered by the rest of a server’s population. So a smart move would be, as soon as one clan starts to build up and become strong, for the other clans and solo players to team up against them, to keep them contained. A clan becomes an “alpha” only if other clans let them become alpha, no-one joins a server and becomes a top-of-the-food-chain clan overnight.

Now, cheating is another matter, and that can easily ruin the enjoyment for everyone, but the OP doesn’t specify whether this is the case here. If it’s a matter of honest, hard work to become the best on a PvP server - as much as it pains me to say it, they earned their place on the top.

Funcom isn’t there to fight your PvP battles for you. PvP is what it says on the tin - players versus players. If the power balance shifted in the newcomers’ favor, the rest of the server didn’t do enough to stop them. Paraphrasing the words of a famous military commander: “Victory is achieved by the one who takes the initiative. He who only reacts to their enemy is not winning the war, only enduring it.”

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So the OP’s complaining that an alpha clan is bombing them? Bloody hell, try playing on my server, we got Russian speed hackers with god knows how many undermesh bases and Funcom hasn’t done a damn thing about them, if you want to complain about something complain about the illegitimate not the legitimate.

US Server 3575 is now cut off from almost all sources of brimstone as the clan =( E R R O R )= has spider-webbed the vast majority of the map with foundation roads to stop resource spawns and block access to many areas, the ocean is now completely cut off so no brimstone. The sources are only available to their clan as they have walled or land claimed with foundation stacks, or other constructs. Currently they have bombed and destroyed all newcomers and anyone building on the server. Now they are walling in vast sections of the Jungle and areas on the map are no longer playable except to them. When confronted they run and hide claiming to be harassed. All attempts to have them stop land claiming and open areas up have fallen on deaf ear. This server needs help ASAP. If they want a server for their own have them pay for it or go to a server personal server were they won’t have issue with people. Thank you.

This is why I made the post a while ago about the writing on the wall. Official servers are dead they are going to be a thing of the past. All forms of official servers have griefing. PVP has under measures and bomb exploiters. PVE has points of interest being walled in. PVC has the same as PVE. And there is no official help from funcom.

But that is to be expected and this is still a great game. My advice to all players is to find a privately owned server that has zero admin influence or interaction. Basically an official server that has an admin to step in when someone is cheating or walling another player in. You’re welcome to come play on my server Darksun. It’s filling up nicely it’s a hard-core PVEC server. Nobody likes babysitting a base all day especially when bombs are so easy to make and all bases can be leveled within hours. So play the PVP it’s turned on 24 7. But you don’t have to turn this into a full-time job. There’s also no admin intervention whatsoever. And the only person with admin powers and you can bind camp me or kill me all day long I don’t care.

Believe me i know your pains though. It sucks official servers aren’t moderated nearly enough officially. But that’s why if you want something done right do it yourself. Expecting somebody else to fix the issue for you is not a way forward. Again, that’s why i continue to host my own PVE-C Server.

Check the new post about server rules on official. Don;t know how much this will affect it, but Funcom seems to be turning a corner to open servers up of drastic spamming, etc…

Please follow the rules to report. do not post in thIs thread or any part of the forum the names of the clan. DM one of the admins on here, Hugo or Ignasis, with legitimate proof of the exploit. No promises, as building walls is part of base defense. But daisy chaining (linking thousands of foundations between bases to deter building, etc…) may soon be a thinking of the past. PVP will be the hardest to monitor, but i would rather us as players make sure the abuse is truly toxic to not waste time on rage reporting.

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