Alpha Clans Own Official Servers, Allow You To Play, Otherwise Wipe Everybody Else

Sure, dominating a server can be fun, but people pay to play on officials. Right now, they will wipe anybody off the server, which is no fun. Players have left the server.

Even I have given my base away when it became no fun. I’ll be back on a different account, eventually, so this is not a “I quit” thread. I’m waiting for the next patch to hopefully limit follower population, for one.

Obviously, I struck a cord earlier on here, as the arguments weren’t about the posted topic. The threads were derailed before any mention of DDOS tactics coming from the alpha clan. Of course, I can’t post details.

You can only assume it is fair until you become the target. Is it fair that people pay money for the game and pay money for the network only to find out they will be wiped… and can’t play??? Is dominating meant to allow the alpha clan to determine who can be on any particular server?

There is only so much the Funcom QA team will do. Joining another server is not the answer, as the alpha clan acts like it owns all local servers (<66ms ping).


Don’t you understand that if they won’t have anyone to wipe they will quit. I remember once you say that is logical for an alpha clan to obtain an obelisck. No my friend, the one who acts this way has no respect to the others and no sports spirit. When someone acts this way, all he cares about is himself. This is a game that every single player must have fun and not some to have fun with the others. I always go away and leave them be. At the end they ‘ll get bored and they’ ll quit. All they are is trusses, nothing more, don’t be their bucket.


I did, but maybe it isn’t true for servers that have no fallout mechanics, like gods. I told the alpha clan that I’m not at war with them unless I first upgrade to t3 altar/sanctuary. I can imagine gods being used to free an obelisk. With population limits, it’ll be harder for the alpha clan to leave followers guarding an obelisk (aka kill rooms).

Wow given your thread themes I am starting to feel like Conan is not the right fit for you.

Move to another official server or go private if big clan behaviors bother you.

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@Stone-Spear tl;dr right? Can you answer the topic question: is it fair?

Welcome to pvp sandbox games, where yes, an alpha clan rules.

Now, they can rule with an iron fist, where they attack anyone and everyone…but sooner or later 2 things happen. Either the server population gets sick of it and quits, or they band together to wipe the alphas.

As long as any game has the ability to team up with your friends, there will always be a top dog, and yeah, they control the server. That’s the game…remember the three little words on the Conan intro “Build. Survive. Dominate” Seems to me, youre upset because a clan is doing just that.

Now, if they are exploiting, or cheating, then by all means call THAT action out. Not the fact they are winning.

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Noted in the first sentence in the OP.

Nope. Just publicly gagged by forum rules.

Yep, but the main point here is about paying for the game and the network while they do it. Is it fair?

Don’t play on PvP, or PvE-C servers unless you are prepared to suffer needless grief. Additionally, don’t join “populated” servers, as there is likely to be a large number of players (and more drama) than on less busy servers.

I have only enjoyed PvE servers since launch.

Anytime I try a PvP server, i see people getting wrecked and raging. Or endless shi* talk, people ganging up on others.

And PvE-C servers are terrible, in that you can gank and still get that kinda of dramatic hate going. But then nobody can clear away the resulting walls. A literal recipe for disaster.

It varies from server to server, clearly.

But even on servers with good communities you get some ■■■■■■■ contests that result in players literally building road/walls in sandstone that span the entire map.

My server is currently witnessing a player who has road/walled from New Asagarth all the way to the swamp biome (almost to pirate bay) with clear intentions to continue onward until their rage is spent. (Which could be months and months).

Oh so your whole rant was about the fact that cheaters keep you from playing on official servers?

There are many things you can do: report them, troll them in game while sitting naked in noob zone, move to another server, fight them, try to inside them, play single player, play private servers, host your own server…etc.

We know Funcom rarely deals with exploiters as they should, its been that way for over 3 years. If you think youre the first person to encounter these issues, you should be thankful you didn’t deal with the Chinese in EA.

Ye i know this feeling guy. I was playing on official Server and they raided us after 2 Days we have in this Time nothing that was worth to raid with so much explosives. But yep, the Alpha doesnt want to have any other Player on the Server. Its kinda evil.


Right. Funcom says: “Our stance has always been to fix the exploit rather than the exploiter.” (stated in another thread…)

I posted one solution: Hide Player List on Official Servers

“I’ll be back.”

did you say, “pay to play” ?

You need some enlightenment bubba.
Pay to play is a subscription based game. This ain’t it.
Everybody has to pay for internet and at least 98% of players have bought (purchased this game).
But that in no way means it’s pay to play.
Unless for some crazy, obscure and insane reason you’re paying a monthly subscription fee to somebody to log into this game.

You should seriously consider moving to a private server.
Let the chimpanzees rule “their” server.
Stop being the monkey.

Yes, this game has an imbalance problem. So do all other games of this genre. Why? Because it was an idea that seemed better on paper, than in practice.

These games originated from single-player RPG games. In those games, you start with nothing…like being dropped in the desert with nothing, not even clothes. The idea was always the same…find things, harvest things, and kill things, with what you have available, which then lets you get better stuff. In the end, you can go back and cut through the enemies, like a hot knife through butter, the enemies that gave you headaches in the beginning. So then what happens? The game gets stale, and you get bored.

So, we all thought, “You know what would make this game even better? If it were PvP!” Well, turns out that this was short-sighted thinking. You take that formula, and put it into a PvP game and all that happens is the game is wildly imbalanced to the point that time, not skill, is the most important trait a player needs in order to dominate. The Metas are all known. Time is what pushes you over the top. In Atlas, some of the Megas understood this, and would only allow players to join if they played a lot of hours. You had to play every day, and not just for an hour or two.

So, I suspect that the biggest issue is that the OP, like most people, don’t have the time to play every single day. Yes, it takes a lot of hours to get where you need to be, to be competitive. It takes time to level thralls. It takes time to even get a decent one. It takes time to find quality crafting thralls. It takes time to gather enough resources, especially rare resources. And all of these take you into areas where you are likely to run into other players. As a newer player, you are for the most part, at the mercy of the better equipped player.

It sets up this weird dynamic, where you only progress if others show you mercy. If it was full on PvP at all times…player sees you, player attacks you…new players would never get anywhere. When the other player has much better stuff, and great thralls leveled to a high level, you aren’t going to beat them with. It’s about time, not skill.

So, you are on a server where people are leaving you alone, for the most part. You are making progress. Then one day, you log in to find the Alpha in your base. You had gotten too far for their liking. So now you have nothing. You are back to square one. You have to find new quality crafting thralls, gather resources, legendary equipment, etc…

Some have said that there is always something you can do to deal with the Alpha. No, not always. An Alpha of 10 people who all put in a lot of hours, and know the Meta, and can also get onto the server before other people can, will dominate that server…until they no longer care to. Now, that is what I have seen happen more often than anything…the Alpha gets bored, and many, or most of their players stop playing…usually to play a new game.

This happened to our 10 man clan. Joined a server where there was no active Alpha. The Alpha’s clan had largely stopped playing. Just a few players, one of which who insulted us. 2 hours later, they had nothing standing. Same thing happened to us, without the insults. All but 2 of the 10 stopped playing, to play another game. Eventually somebody noticed the drastically reduced numbers, and took advantage. For me, this is not what I look for in PvP. I would rather play a game where you have two very healthy clans fighting it out. Not, just eliminating a gimpy clan that can’t put up a proper fight.

So, later on, the guys got interested again. So we looked for a PvP server. This one, as it turns out, had a very active Alpha. Could the whole server gang up on them? No. They would hit everyone before anyone had enough to pose any real threat. We logged in to find them in our base.

Do I hold it against them for doing this? No. They were doing what the game allows, and doing what they needed to stay on top. I blame the game itself. But, it is my choice to play. But frankly, it has become obvious to me that your defeat is largely hard-coded into these kinds of games. IMHO, they are broken at the core. The idea of taking an RPG game and making it PvP sounds good, but I don’t think anyone has actually figured out how to do it right.

Now, there is one game that did it right…but only on a few unofficial servers. Atlas. Ship vs Ship. These servers made it like Conan PvE-C on land, but but your ships could be sunk, while at sea, and when not green anchored at your home island. It takes 30 minutes to green anchor, so running home to your home island and dropping anchor was not a guaranteed save for you. It also made it such that harbor defenses, were still a necessity. Having some defensive installations around the island also helped with the PvP aspect.

What this allowed, however, was that you didn’t come back to no base, no assets, just because you couldn’t log in the day before, or went on vacation for a week.

I will never understand why Grapeshot doesn’t make that an official server mode. One of the unofficials that had this, as well as grids that were PvP, and PvE, did a poll. They were thinking about making the server all one type. Ship vs Ship was the clear favorite.

This is the kind of game mode most people belong on, because most people do not have 50-100 hours a week to dedicate to a game.

But it’s your choice. Everyone thinks they want PvP, but the reality, most people don’t actually want it. They simply want the fear factor. PvE is boring because there is no danger. PvE is also frustrating because you can’t do anything about people who build in absurd ways.

IMHO, the best way to make these games, is to allow you a home base, that is safe. To do this, they need to give you a flag that you place, and this gives you an area to build within. So long as your structures are within that, they are safe, and decay at a normal rate. Outside of that, for PvE, there needs to be a mechanic that makes things decay, with no chance to repair. This solves griefers building to grief. PvP, you can destroy those structures…just not the ones inside the flag circle. In fact, in PvP, there would be no need to force an auto-decay-no repair function. Those structures outside the circle would simply be destructible. This would solve the problem of logging in to find people in your base, and higher level clans simply denying you the ability to progress. If the game also had something to fight over…a reason to build outside of your homestead…that would be even better. This is why Atlas SvS is so awesome. Your homestead is safe, but your ships at sea, are not. You still have something to lose…you still have skin in the game.

This would allow you to build an outpost to farm an area, but after a week, that structure is gone.


I totally agree with you! What makes it worse is that these large alpha clans are made up of players that are not working and spend a ton of time playing just to make others gaming experience miserable. They also lable to log into the game very early, way before raid begins. They have even gone so far as to open different accounts and create new characters that are then used to block other active, non clan members on official 40 max player servers, from logging into their games to defend their bases. These alpha clans are made up of really miserable people that just enjoy ruining gaming for others…

Most players do not have tons of hours to sit in front a screen and play a game. And then to log into your game just to find everything you spent months bulding destroyed… For many, this is the last staw and they regreatably leave the game(

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The problem is that these games are broken at the core. So why do we keep playing them? Especially on PvP.

Devs take the path of least resistance. They create a game, throw in some content, but leave it up to you to fill in the gaps. You can blow through the dungeon content in days, so what is there to do after that? On PvE, it’s building extravagant bases. On PvP, it’s raiding each other’s bases.

Well, there should be a third option. PvE-C is going the right direction, but offers no real reason to fight, other than to gank each other, and this seems to anger most people.

Why not TKOTH? Team King of the Hill. Why not have a game where you have the 6, or 7 Gods. There is a hill in the center of the map to build a base on, and put your God’s Structure in the center. During combat hours, you have to defend that base. If no base is there, or you destroyed the enemy’s base, and religious structure, you can place a claim on that spot. That object to claim the spot could be a flag, or the religious structure, or anything the Devs decide. You would want to hold the ground until the end of combat, and then place your structure. There are so many ways to do this. But the point is, you have something to fight over, but you don’t have to worry about your base being wrecked.

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