Hide Player List on Official Servers


I’m not suggesting to hide the player list on private servers.

I was against it at first, but now I’m convinced it must be done to officials, all of them. It could be replaced with a screen that hints at how many people are on the server without showing details, like the online ID.

It’s embarrassing us.



I am curious as to your reasoning.

If you have not got used to it by now what can I say except its a minor issue.

I was given proof of how alpha clans can affect other players connection. On the ps4, it’s too easy to get details of other users through the player list. Funcom said to report it to Sony, but the problem happens due to how the player list is used to dial-up other players.

The game is for mature players. Using such info against other players is immature. When that is what an alpha clan does to stay alpha, it sets an example. Bad.

When newer players are being targeted due to such info being easily available, they don’t tend to stay on the server. That’s not a minor issue considering how this happens and how many it happens to.

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This has been going on since the start of beta it’s a minor issue which has never been corrected. It’s going to have to get a lot worse for Funcom to react given they have seen this thread theme in one form or another come up for more than 3 years. - nothing has happened

So this implies its a minor issue.

I counted 5 other threads, of recent posts today, that complained about performance due to attacks.

It’s not a minor issue because of threats. I’m pointing out one way to help stop it.

Surely you don’t want to be seen supporting cheaters over people who paid for the game. I’m just avoiding some details.

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Countless posts and Funcom has not done anything over the last 3+ years do you not get it?

Minor issue for them.

I disagree because I’ve read their responses. Details posted in the wrong places.

We can pinpoint, however, exactly where these attacks start. We know what programs are being used to attack other players. We know alpha clans use it because they think it’s a minor issue.

It’s an embarrassment. Surely you don’t want to be known for supporting such… “issue”.

Well, it is of zero concern for me. If it is a concern for you, then it’s valid for you and invalid for me.

And that’s okay.

This faux shaming, however, is not a good tactic.

But, that too, is your choice. I will step away from this now.

Expecting a maturity level for a mature game is not shaming. It’s embarrassing us. The details are not being posted here, meaning it isn’t “faux” because you don’t see them.

Now back to the long-term solution: hide the player list.

As Funcom said: "Our stance has always been to fix the exploit rather than the exploiter. "

no in pve and pve-c it shoudl be completly removed

All of the servers being attacked already have the player list hidden

We need to distinguish he difference between a server attack and a player attack. Yes, the servers can still be attacked even with a hidden player list.

If you want to stay hidden, then don’t speak up in global chat (PC).

I hope the next patch addresses this on the console.

Defining what you like as good and what you do not like as bad is not a mature response.

We differ in opinion. That does not make either of us superior.

True. Subjecting individual posters, publicly, to this thread isn’t mature, either.

I respect the constructive comments that are on topic. I mean, it is okay to PM me your concern. It appears you do not understand the embarrassment. Of course, the details are missing for the topic.

You made a public comment. I disagree with the comment. I fail to see your injury.

However, there is a solution. You post the last word and we need not converse further.

Have a nice day.

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Thanks I’ll give it a try.

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