Player list Feature

To be honest don’t think players like that new feature to don’t know who is in server, not able to see if is a solo player or a big clan.
Won’t be good specially for solo players that will try raid a base and suddenly 10 players come out.
Or even for big clans that are looking for a good server to play. Because they won’t be able to see how many clans how big they are is it worthy spend time here or not.

Is just my opinion don’t like the new feature at all.


I also hope this feature will be removed. No one will use the global chat any more. Because they dont want to show their numbers. There will be less pvp. Reason? Because if you have the player list and waging a war against another clan or the whole server. You want to pvp. And when you have equal numbers, you gear up and go to their base for some fun! Now, everyone will sit in their base, spamming their event log. Now you will never know how many people (enemies) are on, and less likely try to raid. And im against offline raiding, but being a group of let’s say 3 people, and want to raid a base. Then suddenly 10 people run out. Yea, you would never do that. Im sure lots of people would not agree with me. But I have also played solo, and I know that not having a player list is not good.

If more people are unhappy with this feature, they should speak up! :slight_smile:


I don’t really care one way or another, but I’m having a hard time understanding what this is trying to accomplish - surely anyone who wanted to communicate in secret would just take it to an external platform like Discord or TeamSpeak (this is happening already).


What the OP wrote is exactly the reason why we need it. To combat offline raiding. I think the player list needs to be removed all together. I see zero reason why that kind of intelligence should be provided in the first place. It’s part of the game to find out who is active and this gameplay element shouldn’t be cut off with a table of players.

The other thing - and that is the worst part of it - is the steam ID being shown in the player list. I would really like to see any good reason for that other than facilitating personal retaliation at other players. Utterly toxic.


So did this cut off the info to battlemetrics, or is this just a massive buff to people with two monitors?

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Even battlemetris shows -

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You can still offline raid by checking base timers. But yes they can be outside doing something but even so can be tracked by timers.

Wow, so it just punished those not on discord and BM lol.

If that’s true, this won’t last. It is a gigantic gift and buff to organized clans if this is the case.

This is a prime example, which cries out for different mechanics between pvp vs pve servers. Also we have 2 abusive players on the server, which I mute right when i log on and see them in the player list. now i have to wait for the first abuse to do it. And i guess, i will now have bm open on the 2nd monitor… totally useless feature. They should finally implement a thrall ui instead of this stupid stuff

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It’ll be even worse on console, since we don’t have text chat they made the great idea to show people when they talk in game voice chat. Show me an Xbox user who isn’t in a party or muted and I’ll show you only the noobs.

It’s going to make the servers feel even more empty.


Funcom game designers

players will be listed as invisible unless they choose to participate in chat.

Also Funcom game designers


Probably Funocm is tired of reporting, so I decided to do it. You can’t see the problem, you don’t need to solve it

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Who even wanted this stealth approach?

offcourse you wanna see whos online… :scream_cat:

I am speaking of experience funcom always punish players if you present enough evidence against them.

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I have experience that my server is destroyed by the Chinese within a week, I provided enough evidence.

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You can see the full player list from “servers” section in steam or from battlemetric website, so the hide feature is completely useless to a knowledgeable player.

I kinda understand the concept behind this, but surely it should at the very least have an option for switching off/changing on PvE servers? PvE and Role-Play kinda want players chatting, and certainly wants players knowing when others are online - it may be distracting if everyone has to keep shouting ‘hello, anyone out there’ every couple of minutes just to see other players? Already I have players on my PvE getting all tense over it.
Regarding players using their own discord or other chats to keep track of each other whilst raiding, well there is discord at the very least.
As an Adnin, I would really like to be able to control this setting if it is kept. It might also be nice to have an option to allow players to always be able to see their Clan members if not other players?
It has made it more peaceful for me though as no one now knows when I am online, but it’s playing merry hell in the Steam comments grouping…) :slight_smile:

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This will only be possible after defeating cheaters and living in textures.

Not really don’t show there as well is -

Well for us they banned the chinese after I send some videos. And we got rid of them