*VOTE* about the new playerlist feature

Hello guys,
I figured that there are alot of opinions about this but I’m interested in the numbers so I created this poll.

disclaimer this is nothing official from funcom so please dont expect a change based on the result :blush:

  • Keep the hidden playerlist
  • Bring back the old one

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Official should have vocal visibility, see other successful survival games like rust or 7 days to die. If you have no backbone (no offence) you shouldn’t occupy resources on official servers and leave the beautiful anarchy that it is.

On the other hand private servers should have the options for admins to see who’s online at any time.

I suggest to keept player name and clan name in player list, but hide the steam ID.
I think it is the best between old and new.


for pvp i can understand its need. but for pve and pve-c…it kills the social aspect of the game for pve and pve-c


The thing is, you can still see if someone is in that base or not so the point: trying to minimize offline- raiding doesnt really get effected by the playerlist. You just go by, check the timer, see its rather fresh or not and go ahead.

If they want to prevent or minimize offline raiding there are a million points how to do it better than hiding players. Hide the building timers, make it harder to repair the building while its getting attacked or dont allow placing new buildling pieces while under attack so you would actually have to PVP fight if you want to defend your stuff and not only sit inside with foundations and build people in that are trying to raid or just repair from the inside so people can actually try online raiding. Its not like pvp player dont want to raid online but you simple dont have a chance against the stuff i said.

Its maybe a small step towards offline raiding but its a big step backwards in alot of other aspects.


Even pvp server are social and vocal or i mean were… now everything is quiet and you feel like you are in ghosttown. Alot of pvp player actually search for servers with active chat too.

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Once again, it is not RUST … PVP for conan is 99% PVE and wait for decayed bases.

It will cost you more time to farm raiding materials like bombs, arrows … and to raid a big base, than to collect only what you need in the game!

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Wait for gods to be back. No more need for explosives. This could be BETTER than rust, if only some people grew some backbones, but more importantly the devs fixed game breaking bugs.

IF you think of it the other way, People who wanna raid and gank you will have to run around the map looking for you.
Waste of time on they’re end.

But only if Funcom make the playerlist steatlhy AND that you cannot see others timers anymore.

At least not with just a click of the TAB button.

On our server (Official) , I still can see the whole playerlist - with all active players on the server. Doesn’t seem to work on all servers then…

Then you just removed the ability to report all the exploiters and hackers that just made that level 1 character to instant kill you anywhere and take your loot. No thanks

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Outside Pvp time yes u can

Its only for PVP and PVE conflicts servers, then? (during pvp time)


Ah okay thanks !

I added to the 3:1 vote in favor of keeping.
On the PvE side, we need to know who is on, so we can deal with bad/dumb players.
and when they are on, they give them H E double toothpicks

well thats kinda the same or even worse in pvp cause of all the glitchers and hackers

I think it’s too early to vote definitively on this. It needs more testing and more tweaking. My thoughts are:

  1. The anonymity is great for PVP servers as it stops people from scouting by looking at the playerlist
  2. The aonimity also drastically reduces the amount of toxic behaviour on global chat - particularly targeted harassment and bullying - both of which I’ve seen many times.


  1. Having no player list makes it incredibly difficult to identify cheaters - such as the time when people were logging in at 6am to dupe items along with the server resets - with no list we’d not have been able to identify them.
  2. Chatting locally or on clan chat should not be showing you on the player list - that just doesn’t make sense
  3. There’s been a distinct drop in global chat since the change - this has made the often vibrant chats on servers feel suddenly empty.

I think its fantastic from a pvp and toxicity point of view, but am on the fence on whether its a better change overall. The fact servers only have 40 players maximum means that escaping harassment is a lot harder as most players are known to each other, however removing the list doesnt FEEL right at the moment. It needs tweaking, i’m just not sure how (definitely needs to not reveal people chatting locally or on clan chat however)


There is no anonymity in PVP server, even with this new players list.

The solution is simple, look at the players list from time to time and you will see name, steam and clan of people using the chat. Write this on a paper sheet.

Then shift + tab to get steam overlay and you have all steam players connected. Use your paper sheet to see what clans are here … :slight_smile:

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And again the problem with this is like stated before, that people that want to hack, wont type anything in chat and you never see them