I have an idea to maybe make the Conan PVP aspect more popular

Hi Funcom and fellow Barbarians.

I got the idea that You, Funcom, could make a new kind of PVP servers where you choose a specific area to build a base on, and then when you log off, the base and the players disappear. And when other players from the same area choose to log in, they enter instead. That way, “offline-raiding” disappears and people will always have a chance to defend their base. I think that will definitely get more people playing the PVP game. Because right now, playing PVP is simply too time consuming. You have to play several hours EVERY DAY just to have a chance. And not many people have time like that…
IMO I also think it is much better with the 2x harvest rate. You can farm things much faster and much faster get to end-game.
What do other people think of this ? Good idea or not?

The thing is, right off what if two or more people have built in the same spot, and all log in at the same time? who’s base is there and whos isn’t?

I don’t really think off line raiding is the problem, it’s more like defense is lacking.

Raiding should be hard, off line raiding should be doubly hard.

In other words something should be in place to make raiding someone while they are on line and can defend be the optimal choice.

People play PVP to fight other players, only cowards destroy buildings when no one is there to defend.

And transfers shouldn’t be allowed for at least a few weeks after raiding someone, to bring back fear of reprisal.


They should make it so that ones base is not attached to the server, but is in the “cloud”, so when logging in, it loads into the new existing server where there is no building in that area you built. Or make a new server which puts the base there.

What you’re talking about now is “fazing” or making multiple server instances.

Conan is too big of a game for that, too much information is transferred from client computer to server.

Games that can do that like mmo’s who are heavy on the client side transfer very little information via the internet, Conan transfers a lot more information, that’s why large builds don’t load very fast.

Its a bit too much “mechanic” and not enough believability. A base go poof and then magically reappear. Enabling dynamic building damage would be quicker, easier and more seductive.


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