Another example of the current state of raiding/PVP in Conan

Couldn’t help but share this recent experience…

Was late getting home from work so was only able to login while raid time was already in effect. Sure enough I logged in to the sound of explosive arrows going off on my base. My excitement level spiked and I quickly got my PVP kit on thinking I was going to get to have a fun time trying to defend my base. Ran outside my base ready for the fight and sure enough the raider just ran off as soon as they saw me (was shooting from a far distance)…

As I and others have said multiple times we need SOMETHING to deal with offline raiding (be it offline protection, traps, or anything better than what we have now). Just too easy for folks to farm up bombs, wait for you to be offline and destroy your hours of effort.

Was trying to get another friend to play again (to help on the same server) and their comment was that they didn’t want to spend hours gathering resources just to wake up naked in the desert the first time we cannot be on during raid time. As they said, wouldn’t be so bad if you at least had a chance to fight/defend your base.

Get off your rear Funcom and give us some options/solutions! As I and others have suggested, maybe enable a small amount of servers with DBD on just to see how it works.


Please note that in my example there was absolutely NO PVP fighting involved. Just a single player looking for offline bases to raid…

This is not fun guys and I hate having to watch over my base EVERY night to deal with it.

Bases and buildings are so fragile that defenders online is the only effective defense otherwise it just comes down to raw farmability of materials be it no life or being part of a large clan being the victor of every raid, yawn.

Without effective defenses and offline protection of some kind the only way to keep base defense pvp balanced is to remove the raid window completely and make all pvp servers 24/7 raid open. 24/7 raid would atleast level some of the playing field, though numbers will always be an advantage.

Right now it just comes down to life schedule and being open to babysit (usually an advantage mainly for large clans so that schedules have a better change to overlap) during the mystical moonphase that make buildings attackable only during certain periods of day (raid time) that somehow buildings become invincible any other time (Giant Kings magic? Maybe they lost the unnamed city to an offline attack by the humans).

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If you’re alone … maybe you should give some PVE servers a try …

@Octavian when I started playing this game I was very fortunate to get in with a group of veteran players who taught me a lot and taught me how to build and how to raid. By understanding how to raid I figured out how to best build against it. The most important part of that defense was the guard force(thralls). We simply do not have that anymore. In their desperate attempt to make Authority a “good idea” they have reduced the thralls to less than trash. So I feel your frustration. I do not endorse offline raid protection. But at least a strong guard force used to be enough to keep all but the big Zerg clans away. I always built in Dagons Embrace in one of the temples. I didn’t even need to stack the ceilings back then coz 40 leveled berserkers on main floor, back then, was enough to shut down the half-ass raiders. I was even able to spend whole nights on other servers and just check the logs a few times to be sure coz even if I did get raided the guards had the capacity to slow them way way down

Only thing I can suggest, sadly considering my own opinion about bv’s, is to have a few other accounts and if you know you can’t be on for raid then take precautions and bv the essentials. A base can be rebuilt quite easily, replacing all the other stuff is not as easy.

In fact it is Udderly(utterly :joy:) confusing about how much more fun this game was 2 years ago prior to now with all the recent “improvements “. Mind=blown.

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Yeah the fact that body vaulting is now the go to solution for offline raiding is telling… You are not the first person to say the same. Also agree that while thralls used to provide some defense now they are just worthless.


Or have Funcom make some reasonable changes to adjust the balance away from offline raiders… I’ve tried PVE-C servers and find them boring — I like the thrill of the fight and getting to defend my base from a raid. I just want the chance to actually defend it. Currently too many folks are just waiting for people to be offline so the first night you are not able to join the game and watch the entire raid time you will likely lose everything on a busy server.

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I’d be happy even just having some sort of limited safe storage where I can safely store a small amount of key resources/thralls. I mentioned in an earlier post having a bank type system in Sep city.

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My clan and I have come to this point. We’re all adults with commitments and hell sometimes we want to play other games too!

Not babysit our base.

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Theres a discord with a LFG Channel … maybe you can give it try to group up :thinking:?
But if you get some offline raid protection we gonna ending up on full build pvp servers where people goes offline to avoid a raid :sweat_smile:

Solutions have been made, but the mod makers don’t even want to try to fix it with another mod. Emphasis on “try”… as it’s not some conspiracy theory.

P.S. Bullies! Can’t blame Funcom on that one.

Funcom should do something, though, tired of getting ddos’d only to get back online with an empty base. Currently PvP on PvP servers don’t exist unless its setup appropriately. All there is is Hackers vs unsuspecting victims. So far the only fun pvp is arena pvp on pve servers. But alas also there is Crom, but you know Crom…

I’ve played the game for years and was in a number of large clans. The problem though is that even most large clans cannot be online all the time. Over the years 90%+ of friends have quit playing because they grew tired of the game turning into a full time job to prevent offline raids.

I miss the early days when there would be epic battles raiding/defending bases. Now too often it is a clan or even (in many cases) a solo just easily farming vast amounts of DP and checking to see who is offline.

Seriously, Turn on Offline Raid Protection already - Conan Exiles / General Discussion - Funcom Forums

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As a solo, dp is something to make and hide. I’ve had my base blown up just for the dp I held. Have to adapt and make it harder to get that dp.

Thanks for pulling up that old thread. Still completely relevant and spot on (and that is back in '21). Does Funcom not pay any attention (they were the ones who promised the feature and everyone I played with thought it a great idea).

I like the following post:

Exactly. No skill or honestly…fun. Funcom should make two types of officials. I mean honestly, it is a toggle. Official OLRP and Official with Raid times. I bet the OLRP ones will be the fuller ones. 24/7 Raid with OLRP is real PvP

I’ve recently been saying the same about just trying DBD on a number of servers and see how it actually works out.

Yeah and then the people on the offline protected servers will just be crying about “too much land claim everywhere” , “inactive players”and other such nonsense. Seems like you ppl would be better off on PvE servers. What’s the problem? Switch already.

I agree with rabbit. The one thing PVP servers have about them is usually a decent amount of open area to carve out a base. Now we can argue about how long you have that carved out real estate as they level your claim away but there is still tons of space. A solution shouldn’t take away one of the very few benefits of that style of play.

Which is why i’m with @Kikigirl and just periodic nukes from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

hmmmm or how about this…
Your purge meter is reduced by the amount of DP you have in your possession. For each amount of DP you have in your possession (personal, backback or any storage location you control) your purge meter reduces by 1%. Meaning if you have 100 dp, you have purges all the time. Also put in there that DP is poisonous and will take away 1hp/day for each DP you have on your persons. So that means your build up of DP will ruin your base and body vaulting wouldn’t work. You have to make the DP and be prepared to use it really quick.

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Are you just afraid of actualky pvping? Cause sure sounds like it. You must really enjoy being king of a 3 person server.


And how many times do I and others have to explain we actually like raids/defending against raids. PVE and even PVE-C is quite boring for my tastes. It is the current offline raid meta that is amazingly annoying and seems to be much more prevalent than it was in the past. What had been a problem in the past has gotten worse with the increased resource farming and dumbing down of thralls/pets.

Turning on DBD for some official servers would be a solution. I agree that no solution is perfect but it would be a start. As for the too much land claim being everywhere concern, I agree that could happen to some degree but that would be less frustrating than losing hours worth of gameplay every night you cannot be on for the full raid time. Also the obvious solution for that is to not allow folks to simply login for several seconds to reset their bases. Folks should either be forced to gather resources to maintain their base (aka V-Rising solution) and/or have to be on for some period of time allowing them to be open for raids (and if DBD is enabled it should be 24/7 raid when you are online).