Instead of nerfing raiding ... send us the tools to defend our base!

Hi all,

Others games with 24/7 raiding has 6 times more players (Rust, Ark …). I know theses games are differents, but offline raiding is not the problem.

The problem is we need tools to really defend our base when we are offline :

  • better thralls and animals that effectively defend the base.
  • ranged and siege weapons activated by thralls.
  • better traps (spike, gas, poison …).

If you are clever enough to build your base with an effective passive defense, it will not be easily raided in one hour by fews players like actually.

Then you can set raid 24/7 like any other survival game and it will attract more players because we do not have the sames schedules (country of residence, work, …).

So what do you think of this?



I play solo only and honestly hate all the nerfs to do with pvp i always have to tank a purge when I get one because my army of thralls always syabd around uselessly or all target the first enemy to hit me and honestly the concept of proper defenses sounds awesome id love to see the pallisades avle to snap ont a wall and have tiers (wood,iron, steel,star) it would make playing for people like me so much better


I don’t see the problem with this offline raid protection they added. This is great because it makes playing casually less of a drawback in comparison to the hardcore player.

If you think offline raiding is what is making Rust popular, you definitely never played Rust in your life. Offline raiding is what make people quit and kill servers the 2nd day of wipe. The reason people keep coming back to Rust is because the game has passionate and dedicated devs with full transparency, a really cool community with awesome content creators, and has weekly/monthly wipe. One of the reasons Conan is a dead game is because the game never wipes and the progression is too slow. It should have faster progression (leveling), map wipe every 2 weeks and full wipe every 2 months.

casuals shouldn’t play pvp
your points are moot

I would agree with much of this. Base defense is trash. Assaulting a base is trash too though. People don’t siege bases, they blow them to smithereens. Nothing is worse than spending a week or more building something only to have it completely vanished in an hour.

I think they need to remove bombs completely and create more siege weapons and siege defenses. I mean, come on…The hot tar cauldron would be great BUT it does NOTHING. Our archers should have fire arrows and stuff like that to return fire and make assault a problem.

Personally I think they should have a weapons locker for archers. It would behave like the thrall pot. You place arrows that you craft in there and they use those arrows to fire at enemies.

There are so many things they could do but I’m sure much of it is is because there’s only 24 hours in a day. They don’t have the time to make all the things we SHOULD have.

But you’re right. Raiding is just not balanced even slightly. If you get killed one time, you’re screwed. What’s worse is that you probably won’t even die from a player or their actions. You’ll die because their thralls or way too powerful.

What about this? I have a base with all T4 archers all level 20 and I get killed by one guy and one thrall with bombs. Then, that one guy some how magically kills my thralls but his thrall survives and just keeps killing my naked character (since they’re camping my armor) while the live player just blows holes in my base and loots everything.

It’s BS and THAT is what empties servers.

In my base, I should have buffs and be more powerful period. 10 on two should be NO CONTEST yet every time I’ve been wiped it’s been by the situation I’ve mentioned above.

Now I run my own server and thralls are NO WHERE near as powerful. They will NOT win a fight for you. YOU the player must win the fight. We’ve also made bombs pretty weak by making building damage taken really low. So you’d need tons of bombs to take a base. This helps a lot.

Official servers definitely need something and I think the offline raiding protection is good but it’s missing SOME of the problems as I’ve addressed.


This is actually a great idea!
Why did I not read this anywhere else? Simple, effective and much more user friendly.

It is such a hassle anyway to set up your thralls with the right armors, weapons, skill them at least a little, set the right behaviour after that, and then fiddle with the inventories again after some wildlife or a sleeper from last year´s clan shows up near the base. All the time while you´re doing that, you have to remember that they might get wiped in minutes because of a “porking” bug …

An arrow locker would make base defense so much easier to maintain!

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I joined a 10x boosted server with building damage on the weekends. I knew the problems this would cause. My idea was that I would build a base one week and knowing it would get raided by someone on the weekend I would ask the admin to remove the base and I would build a new one in a new location for the next weekend, after all building is what I enjoy the most.

Ya know what I learned??? It didn’t matter what I did, no amount of thralls or defenses would prevent a 2 person clan from annihilating everything I had worked for in the matter of a few minutes without the need to use an avatar. The best defense I had was that characters do not stay logged in to the server when logged out and I would bring my alts in keep all of my important materials in their inventory and have them log out.

Moving over to official servers, it takes a long time to build and level your thralls just to have them wiped without much effort. Many improvements are needed for sure but only adjusting thrall health and damage is not the answer.

Building health needs a look at or at least the amount of damage done to a building needs some adjustments. More tools to defend would be awesome! Siege cauldrons are just decorations to me. They are pretty much useless. dniezby had some good ideas in his reply, good thinking there.

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