Feedback on offline raiding

Hey first of all sorry for my English

Don’t come here and make. No sense comment. I know all the game In and out don’t tell me thrall can defance flying pat or you can counter storm ect. Those need ppl be online. To do it thrall is stupid you can go around them easy and kill it.

I read a lot forums that people want offline raid, you can go around the offline protection, you can make secound account and only come online to reset time and you will never be raided, I know not every one Gona abuse this but there is people for that too,

My best offline protection will be like old day conan old bubbel system. Because no one have time to babysit a base for 6hours every day
Not every one have this time, I have around 10k hours in Conan I have seen a lot big war small wars wipe ect

I know the server setting now is 4x it stil there is ppl want chill pvp and less hardcore
My feed back is for chill pvp player.

Don’t need make all servers like this setting
Only 1x server or 2x. One for new map one for old map and we are happy

Server setting. No magic patch 3,0. This patch don’t don’t work for pvp. Mostly hate this patch for pvp I talk only for those hate it not those like.

God bubbel. Can’t be raided by anything. Trep:/god: only can be raid from orbs and jar :amphora:

Server farm speed 2x
Clan size 5x

New bubbel timmer 50houra craft time 2hours
New bubbel cost
Creat first time cost
10k steel refc
10k harden brick
10 iron ref
To re creat bubbel
Cost 50% less

Raid time

Raid time. tis-fri 2hours
Raid time .weekend 4hours
Sunday-Monday raid time off

If you do not want to be raided on a pvp server, go play pve!!!

Others games like rust and ark are 24h raiding and 10 times more players.

Conan only 5 hours raid now from 6 hours before …

Do you have offline raiding in real life?

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Dynamic building damage should have been tried out on official by now.

Never played ark tbh but from what I’ve seen the defenses on it can make your base pretty difficult to offline raid which is complete opposite of Conan.

Rust works because they do weekly monthly wipes and you can farm a base in a couple hours. Again a completely different game as Conan is a lot more grind

You cannot compare ark raiding to Conan raiding in the slightest lol

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Did you even read ?? I say 1 server we want for chill mix pvp and I know there is pve and pvp c I always play pvp. I have 10k hours. I know official server is 6 hours

And I didt say we want all 100 server to be same setting I ask for my feedback only 1 server for new map and old.

And u compare ark and rust there u can make bases toxic and it have way better raid defance then Conan

If ark or rust was my style I would be there. not in Conan. No one stop u play on pvp server that have this setting you don’t need play on that server we want and ask for that feedback.

I hear you and love that style as well but Selene is right. There are 3 settings, no damage, player damage, and player and building damage so if you want the risk of loss, you gotta accept the risk of loss.
However that isn’t the end of the story. You have some power in this.

#1. Find a low population server. Look PVP intensity is varied depending on server population. There are low population servers that don’t feel like Hunger Games out there to stretch out and actively converse with folks. You still gotta watch what you say and do but it’s not an immediate fight to the death.
#2. Scout first. Look for the low numbers AND look around. Move on if you getting bad vibes (clues like shells of beginning bases around noob river means no quarter for the new players)
#3. Play how you want others to play. I thought this was pretty much agreed on but after playing for years, PVP folks get hypocritically whiny sometimes. The break open a base and then find out they awoken some sleeping giant as 10 strong clan comes on and blows them out of the water…well what the heck were you thinking attacking a 10 person clan anyways if you didn’t wipe them? Yeah they will drop you fast!

Hope that helps.

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Post 3.0 I was playing on a private server for a while that had a very small amount of raiding. Basically 1.5 hour windows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was very very popular until it imploded over server drama.

It would likely be too much for FC to handle, but it would be nice if there were a larger spread of server types. In particular, pve-c with 24/7 PvP, PvP with minimal raid windows and PvP with just DBD.

I know everyone always says private servers are the answer, but almost every single private I’ve played on has imploded or died a couple of weeks after I started playing on it. So the consistency of the always available nature of officials is nice and shouldn’t be discounted.


Or pay to win with extra allowances for certain placeables, kits, weapons, etc.,…

Great idea I’ve been hoping for this for a while now

Real life isn’t the best comparison, its fair what you have said yet, if there was a weekend only 5-6 hour raid window pvp server I would play far more consistently.

I like to pvp, pure pve isnt that enjoyable, but I like to have a life too, I dunno why funcom never has thought of appealing to the pvp-lite market as people with jobs, families etc tend to have more disposable income for dlc … would seem like smart economics to at least just try it


From 2017 we play hardcore pvp now it hard when you get in to family life and want stil pvp. So long we make about a chill pvp like we ask for 1 server with chill setting. They’re always some. Zerg no lifer come and say go play like wtf we ask for 1 server they make so mush drama and those ppl I beet. Cry always when they get wipe or only raid ppl when they go off. That way they are afrid of lose the offline raid :joy:

Offline raiding is the primary reason i won’t play on an official pvp server. Ever.

Dynamic raid time - it will fix 99% problems of offline raiding

You can raid only bases which owner currently online (at least with 1 player) + 2h window (subject to change) after owner logging out…

It won’t.

You both seem have very low pvp experience you talk no sense. Today in Conan you can wipe any base less than 5m … old Conan. U hade bubbel to prov u from tre was only way to raid a bubbel was god and orb it was expansive to spam god. If there was no cheater to dupe. God. Now all apex bases is point less. Most of alot u can raid it with trep and jar the bubbel. Now even u have pat and LS. U can’t even defancd u base even if you are online. You work for 3-6 week work and get wipe less then 1m from op stuff in the game

Hey, this is mine :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I literally love @Selene01 and @erjoh, they are in my heart in here. But I do understand what you seek and I support it!
Me for example, I ask years now pve official barbaric mode!
Ofcurce I can pay a server, but I don’t want to be an admin. And I don’t want anybody else to be admin too…
I totally support what you say and I totally understand why official!
I wish Funcom or g portal fix a model of paying a small amount of euro-dollars each month per player, with different parameters.
Except barbaric, I seek for RP pve servers, official again. Servers that you have limited choice of what you will be and actually have a role in this community!
But I do understand, there for I support your wish! Other than that, a lot of people like pvp but not all of them have many hours each day :man_shrugging:.


Oh forgive me. I didn’t know this was just a rant on Lightning storm vs just wanting a chill pvp experience without constant threat of attack. I misunderstood what direction you wanted to take the conversation and I have said my peace on lightning storm in various other spots so I’ll bail out of this conversation since I don’t want to repeat myself again and or upset you to the point of trying to ad hominem with questioning experience levels (oh too late).

Dynamic raid time I don’t think is as good as raid window, I wouldn’t feel any better being Online raided away from base then being offlined.

We got a few options though funcom could choose, I tend to prefer weekend raid window but Atlas for instance lets you set your own raid window time though it is exceptionally long.

Another aspect not talked about is Quality of Life features like Rust, Ark and Atlas has.

Rust has a mobile app where you can actually respond to raiders with electronics from your phone.

Atlas and Ark have an Eventlog output direct to discord that can ping you with @'s.

Conan will not tell you outside of the game if you are being messed with, it wants you online all the time, 6 hrs a day base guarding for raid + farm time + pve content.


This is why we have the event log along with other reasons of course. We can’t be to nit picky though when it comes to our options as this is already a sever setting and hasn’t even been tried out.

I do agree with looking at other sever options and such but when you take into account that most of our ideas never come to light it seems like a pointless road to go down.

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I agree with @Capt_insano0 about event log but you’ve brought some very good points about notification methods. It kinda sucks that you have to constantly look at your event log in order to know if something is happening. No warning system while in game “someone has entered your lands” or whatever. It’s kind of funny in that way because the game also has mechanics to notify you when you enter others’ land claim.

So DBD and a method of notification exists but neither is used in officials :thinking:

Edit: Oh and as we know, just as a point to mention, also constantly looking at the map to see if there’s a god token. I always wondered why there wasn’t a global notification “an avatar has entered our lands” or something to that effect. God attacks happen without a soul knowing sometimes the entire raid window unless it is announced by another player that noticed it on the map while it is in progress or has already happened.

Like wouldn’t these things actually promote the type of constant pvp that it seems Funcom was envisioning?