PVP: What do you think about removing offline raid in officials?

What do you think will happen if in official servers (or some of them) there will be no option for offline raid? the building wont take any damage if it’s owner is offline. Do you think it will bring more players and fun to the game or will actually do the opposite?

i liked it in other pvp survival games, then i thought what if for other players its actually the reason to choose conan?
thats why maybe it can be added as an option and not for all servers, or for a start add it as an setting option…

other idea is to be need to set individually your choice. Just like you can choose the nudity\covered, you can choose if you want to be a part of offline raids

what do you think?

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I do think offline raid protection would bring more players to PvP. I think many avoid it as it is difficult to be online every day if you are working or have other commitments. For others it would be nice to have a break from the 5 hour daily guard duty.

To do this all they would have to do is make god bubbles fully protect your base when you are not there. Anything outside the bubble would still be raidable. Then when a player is online during raid hours the bubble works the same as it does now.

I think that, that would get abused. Players would offline other players then switch settings to make themselves safe.

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They already have a setting that would give offline protection. Dynamic Building Damage. But they have not turned it on for officials. No real explanation as to why Some privates use it


oh really i didnt know that… youre saying it is possible to prevent offline raids in private servers?

do you think it will be better to have it in official servers too?

thank you for your opinion.

about the last part youre right, maybe it can be more like a recipe that you cant turn off unless you recreate your character.
edit: nevermind, it will still be abusive since ppl can have ult account, plus not fair if you cant regret and you will have to lose everything just to change a setting.

Honestly - I think the rampant cheating is a bigger problem than offline raiders. There’s things that can be done to slow down offline raiders and raid windows is a big help here. The cheating though is unbelievable. I wish Funcom would remove the ability to direct connect, that’d at least make it harder for the chinese who continually ruin the oceanic pvp servers with their cheating.


I believe that the existing DBD requires no effort by the player to activate so people will complain about serial refreshers and PvP avoiders. The way that i mentioned above using the bubble would require some effort and game time which would keep the servers active.


There’s a delay, set by server settings. Default is either 15 or 20 minutes. So if someone logs off during a raid, the raiders get that amount of time to finish their now uncontested raid.

The issue is actually in reverse. Where people wait for someone to log off and then use the window to blitz the base. I’ve been a victim of this several times in other games. But with that said, it can’t be anywhere as bad as missing a 5 hour window. Its annoying, but you don’t lose all your progress. In my experience I had to retouch on cosmetic touches (damn barbarians don’t wipe their feet before entering the front door), rather than losing anything important.


Once you know where cheaters take advantage, then you can patch up that hole. I still don’t know how some got into my base with cheats, but I’ve watched them and been able to patch it. I had a naked group get in my base and died, and somehow they got back in again. Then they waited for me to wake up.

Then they goomba stomped me everywhere I went in my base. It was fun until then.

Removing offline raids won’t improve anything while the naked cheaters mentioned above take loot.

P.S. raid hours didn’t matter for most of it

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This one will say what was already alluded to.
Serial Refreshers.
That’s what Offline protection will give us.
Clutter like on a PvE server. Urban sprawl, meth addled thralls roaming the lawn next to rusted carts.
Cowards who only log on during times when they think no one is around so they can build their palace that belongs on a single player game and the likes of which infest PvE servers, and then hide whenever they think others will be online.
Exactly enough activity to keep the gutter roofs and keyhole plugs under a bubble and out of decay.

This one recalls more active PvP servers. But for the past (oh about since server transfers were turned off) it has been a chore and a half to find fighters. When this one does finally find some good prey… they often get admin gibbed/banhammered before this one can sink teeth into throat and defecate upon the ashes of their Lego sets.

Now, this is a direly important caveat, most of the people on the forums asking for DBD on public servers are not the players who would be the serial refresh offenders.
This one believes as much as water is wet that, for example, @biggcane55 wants a good clean fight. Clan vs Clan in all it’s glory, and wants to curb the other flavour of coward who also spends all their time ghosting until they don’t have to actually fight.
The kind who skulks about until someone has to take a bio break, or had an automotive issue, or dwellers in the dark forbid, had an irl issue to deal with and couldn’t be online, and then does what they would never do against a present foe, and punishes them for missing the raid window. With passive defenses what they are (or, this one should say, aren’t) the overwhelming majority of bases that are not actively defended have all the durability of oobleck. It is possible that they will thwart a child or fool, but many household pets can tear it to ribbons and it offers no real resistance.

This one is not attacking those who are asking for offline protection. They have valid points. This one just considers the exploitation options of DBD in this game to be more problematic than the exploitation of the current raid window system.

This one would dearly love to see raid window options in a greater variety of time slots for (the increasing number of) people who aren’t working a 0900-1700 shift and don’t want to go for a different region.

However, this one does believe that so long as your land claim is taking up server space on a PvP server, you are obligated to defend it, or accept that someone else wanted that spot more than you and took it from you and your clan. In warfare, land belongs to those with the ferocity or cunning to seize and the will to hold.

Having some PvP Public servers with DBD turned on would be an excellent experiment.


Yes, but not in a way that makes being offline the new defense :wink:. It needs work before implementation.

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Lets step in the wayback machine. I was playing this top down zombie game. You had to loot the neighborhoods and down town to gather mats to build and fortify a compound. NOT 7D2D. You got hit by random zombies hordes; and the chance at late game loot. You could also raid and be raided by other players. Or you could white flag it. You also had red flags; player is either offline or has just been raided. A yellow flag; player is either significantly lower level then you, or is not in compound. They are either raiding or looting the city. and green of coarse meaning “COME GET SOME”.

I actually enjoyed that PVP, mostly because of the strict rules. Raiding a yellow flagged base timed out your use of a while flag. It also meant you were a green flag for everyone not just equivalent levels.

So ya, I’m all for more structure PVP.

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I think offline raiding is cowardice.
That said…
There’s a certain beauty to absolute savagery. The moment you spawn in a pvp server is the moment you can be killed for no reason. That will never change during the game duration. You can lose it all, at any moment, by any reason or no reason at all. You go to sleep knowing your next session might start in the desert, just because.
If you accept that is the nature of the beast, don’t get attached to anything and live for the fight, that’s pvp right now.
I don’t oppose changes. But i can see the beauty in chaos too.

Doesn’t need an experiment. Other games use it and it works. We already know what happens. It just works, with caveats.

The caveats are that people who get raided will sometimes log off during a raid and hopes the timer kicks in before the raiders get too far. If the raiders are competent enough, or the defenders didn’t build enough, it doesn’t work. And sometimes people wait for stronger clans/guilds/units/etc to log off and then use the window to raid as far as they can.

Those aren’t theories. Those are experiences I’ve had. And in my opinion, they aren’t as bad as missing a 5 hour window and losing what a raider can take in 5 hours of uncontested mayhem.

Now should Funcom Provided Servers do this setting? I can’t really answer that. That’s up to them. Those who like to offline with impunity will lose the ability to do so. That will upset those players. Depends on if Funcom is willing to do that over appeasing those who support the change. Or simply wish to leave things be as they always have been.

That has been a debate. There pros and cons. I would like to see it tried at least. It may bring a more fluid playerbase.


The real issue is goal of current raid. Loot and wipe. Most that would fight pvp left because of the time drain. You login 4 straight days and no one raids you. You decide okay, passive server, so you decide day 5 to tmdo something else, as all yiur chests are full and no reason to farm. Thatbis when they come knockin. Ifbtheybdid away woth the ability to see non clan decay timers and check login count on player screen and toggle for fc ids, then at least raiders wouldn’t know if someone is on or off when they hit a building. Those 2 mechanics enhance offline strategy.


I played a game that had a similar system but instead of a 15-20 minute raid window you had combat logging. When you tried to log off it would give you a warning that you were under attack and if you log off the attack would be allowed to continue.

An alternative could be to dramatically increase building and thrall HP when players are offline.

And although there are a few areas that could be exploited @DeaconElie flag idea sounds good.

Also what @biggcane55 said sounds good with no player list but that just gives them an excuse when they do it. I still think it would be a good option though.

At the end of the day it would be nice to just see PvP again rather than the current cowardly offline attack or ban spammers.


Might as well go to pve if you want it like that or maybe conan should have other servers like small tribe servers + dynamic building servers there’s so many servers not in use where they can do it

There are so many servers not in use that are offline meta.

there’s this mode called PvE-C give it a try.