Ok I'm ready to quit - need offline raid protection

First of all sorry for such a dramatic subject line but I’m honestly thinking of quitting after playing Conan for years.

I know I posted a similar thread not that long ago as have others but we really need offline raid protection on at least some of the (numerous) official servers.

I’m so tired of every week, not playing for ONE night and log in the next day to find my base raided and looted. Honestly for the last month it happens every week — not too crazy hard to rebuild but I’m getting tired of it nor do I want to have to watch my base EVERY night (like a job). Just not enjoyable.

In my years of playing Conan I’ve mostly been mellow but have been part of hard core PVP clans. My general observation is that folks will claim that they like being able to offline raid, etc until they get raided at which point they will 90% of the time claim that said raider was cheating and end up rage quitting. Happens over and over and not good for long term server population maintenance.

The frustrating bit is that Funcom developed an offline protection system and at one point was going to roll it out to Officials. At the time pretty much everyone I’ve played with thought it a great idea. I really don’t know why it wasn’t rolled out (other than rumors) but even now when I mention to new players that Funcom developed said system they are all shocked that it wasn’t rolled out in that most folks are tired of being offline raided as well. I’ll be honest I know several full clans that recently quit because they got tired of having to do the nightly watch.

I’ve seen some folks claim that offline raiding allows solo players to deal with the large alpha clans but my experience is that it is mostly the solo “troll” player who joins the server, never says anything in chat, and just offlines EVERYONE (for example I am a solo player). It is a legit strategy but annoying as all get out.

Also please do not do the “just play PVE-C” comment. I’ve tried it and it is really boring. Usually folks just go into their bases or log during PVP hours. I do like some danger and some of my best experiences have been defending a base (even when I lose it is still fun) but offline raiding is just frustrating and not fun at all.

Sorry for the long rant.



you have to be very smart in this game.

if you build a house on a very high tree. the only way to see it is to climb the tree.

there are several trees in the jungle go build a house there in.

Pay attention to the spy guys. my house was destroyed because of a clan that spends its time spying on other players…

I’ve done large bases, small bases, hidden bases, etc and it really doesn’t matter with no offline protection. Nothing stays hidden in Conan and if you are not online to defend, they will find a way to get in.


The reason Dynamic Build Damage isn’t on for Officials is because it is a tool for active admins to use to make their jobs easier. Its is not meant for passively admined servers (Officials).

The reason for this is DBD is exploitable by both attackers and defenders. Defenders can log off to mitigate damage from a known or presumed attack. Attackers can exploit it by waiting for defenders to log off and then try to do as much damage as possible during the cooldown.

Depending on the setting, DBD can make it easier for attackers or defenders to exploit.

Active admins can mitigate these exploits by active moderation. And DBD makes their work a bit easier by not having to moderate active raids and policing offline raiding.

There’s also the problem of all of the PVP servers having offline raiding as an option for the last 5 years. DBD on is a major departure from the playstyle of said servers. You have your opinion of what relationship people have with offline raiding, but that is only your opinion.

What is a fact is its been the culture of PVP servers for 5 years. Taking it out would significantly change the game for thousands of players who have played this way for years. They are likely going to leave DBD off for the same reason they will never wipe an official (outside of unrecoverable database loss).

If DBD is something you need to enjoy the game, then I recommend playing on a server that has it. There are quite a few available across multiple platforms.

Was a good rant… I’m really surprised they haven’t at least tried the feature as it’s already a server setting. Especially with the exploits going around it would make a lot of sense to turn dbd on. I do agree with it seeming like a job and not wanting to go on pvec or privates.

I’m with ya!

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As I said, just do it on SOME servers. Would be an interesting test to see if they attract players or not. If I’m wrong then no problem (last I saw there seem to be plenty of near empty official servers).

As for the concern that it can be exploitable for attackers and defenders, I see your point and would be open to adjusting the cool down period (but 2 hours do seem reasonable to me). Still I feel the potential downsides are still waaaaay better than constantly having to watch your base every night and the one night you actually have a life, you lose everything.


Yea let’s cater to those who live for the offline raids!

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I suspect there is a large group of folks thinking the same way. In my years of playing Conan I’ve built up a large network of friends and no one thought that offline protection was a dumb idea (as mentioned newer players are shocked to learn that the system even exists and not implemented).


As a PVE-C player, I agree 100% with you. The problem with PVE-C is that the game in general offers absolutely no extrinsic motivation for conflict, so any reason to attack others has to come either from within you or from something a server admin orchestrated. Since officials have no active admins, the only motivation for conflict comes from people who like attacking others for no other reason than “because I can”.

In other words, on a PVE-C server you’re either friendly-by-default or a murder-hobo. There’s nothing in between. I’d love to see Funcom solve this somehow, but I don’t think it’s high on their list of priorities.

In the meantime, almost every single player who migrates from PVP to PVE-C becomes an insufferable murder-hobo troll, and that gets old really fast.


With everything there are pros and cons but with this I see the pros out weighing the cons. To me it’s a no brainer and at the very least should be implemented on a few severs to test it out.

Maybe not but wouldn’t help a little bit with the current exploit? Also with the poor sever performance many have reported on


In my experience there was maybe several “muder hobos” who would soon quit in that everyone else more or less hid during the PVP hours. I was surprised to learn the PVE-C servers only had set hours where you could fight others. I thought it would be like PVP servers with the exception of not being able to destroy placeables.

But to your point with no option of raiding, seemed pretty pointless.

Different subject though :slight_smile:

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Which ones? No seriously, which specific servers should it be enabled on? And why those over others?

Every official PVP server has been DBD off for 5 years. Why should one change? We’re talking about a substantial server setting change. There are mods that less impact than this would.

Fine create several new servers then. Just test it out. If no one joins them then the community has spoken but if they become full then shows the need for more offline protection servers. Let the community decide by where they choose to play but right now they do not have that option.

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The community has access to DBD servers already. Apparently a label in the server browser is more important. This is why it will never change.

You are talking about private severs like always

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Sorry but I’m just not going to do private servers anymore in Conan. Maybe I was just not lucky but the 4 or 5 I tried over the years always ended badly (just disappeared, bad admins, etc.).

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Guess where FC got the feedback for DBD? That’s right, they asked private server admins for feedback, asking which settings worked the best.

Now you understand why they never turned it on. You all didn’t bother with it.

Then you don’t want DBD badly enough. That’s why its off. You don’t actually want it.

We have a right to our own opinions but I’m a bit surprised you are so resistant to just having a small number of official servers that have offline protection. As mentioned, if the community doesn’t like it then they will not play on it.

Now if someone really likes to offline people and have gotten good at it (even though as I mentioned I think it just kills servers over time) then I could understand the concern that Funcom may implement a system that ruins their “play” style. If the community does show that there is a strong preference for offline protection then they risk having all servers go that route. I get it.


Icing on the cake. Shared this thread with a friend/leader of a large clan and he told me they quit the busy server we are on (and going to a low pop server) because they are tired of constant offline raids on busy servers.

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So I’m going to point out something before this goes off topic. My opinion is that PVP servers should have always been 24/7 raiding with offline protection as seen in other games (effectively DBD). If you ask around, some other people who have seen me voice this opinion in the past will confirm that I have.

I’m not arguing my opinion here. I’m looking at it from a server admin point of view. When you make drastic changes that change how your server operates and the culture of play, you cannot do so on a whim.

DBD was developed and then sent out for private servers to test to see what settings seem to work. As I said before, there were exploits. It wasn’t a code issue type exploit but the system itself. This isn’t a problem only Conan has, but other survival games that use similar things.

FC wasn’t interested in dealing with those exploits.

Now if you could somehow get the entire PVP community or at least a supermajority that could say, “hey, we know people can log off and avoid attack with enough passive defense,” and “hey, we know attackers will lie in wait for when we are vulnerable and try to hit as hard as they can during the 15-30 minute window.” “But we’re fine with all that, we won’t complain, we’ll deal with it.”

They might reconsider. But that’s going to take a lot more effort then the few people in this thread so far.

Because like I said, its my -opinion- it should be on. But I also totally understand why FC won’t turn it on. From one server admin to another, players are typically entitled ass-holes. Not suggesting anyone here in the discussion is, but in general. Server owners, server admins, and modders deal with this all the time. Not just Funcom.

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