How to increase the Conan population?

So most of the servers I have played on are now more or less dead (granted there are still a number of servers with decent pop numbers). I was discussing with a friend who had played for years as well and we were brainstorming how to increase interest in the game.
Thoughts we had:

  1. Add new maps. Come on guys 3rd parties are creating decent (large) maps but not being official they just don’t get the traction. Why can’t Funcom develop more maps that are hosted on official servers (I’d pay $ for them). Double points if they figure out a way to link maps…
  2. Implement useful and some combat sorcery. Go back to your initial brainstorming list of spells that you showed in the recent video and implement some of those spells… There are spells there that would satisfy the itch for players who actually want to play as sorcerers.
  3. Provide official servers that have offline protection. Based on recent (and very popular threads) seems like there is a sizeable portion of the population who would like to actually get to defend their bases/creations vs the current meta of solos farming huge amounts of bombs and waiting for folks to be offline…
  4. Reenable server transfer. Granted the original version had a huge flaw but the simple solution is to NOT allow folks to transfer any sort of raid materials… How hard is it to do that coding?
  5. Make pets useful again. Actually they weren’t that great before (except several) but now I struggle to find a real purpose other than using up drive space and being decorations…
  6. Fix the persistent annoying bugs such as the inability to mount horses on the first try and climbing issues…



Well I decided to jump on the forums and post this thread right away. I now realize that there are other/similar threads (at least one that I just saw). Regardless it shows the frustration folks are having with what should be one of the most popular games out there (the core game is far better than RUST and ARK).


Adding to the list…
7. Revamp the siege mechanics. Instead of the current WW1 simulator (bombs and gas) how about era appropriate raid mechanics such as battering rams, ballista, catapults, trebs that are actually useful, etc.


Hey now, we cannot dig trenches.
No WW1 simulation is worth a dangler on a donkey’s derriere without trenches.

Oh, and trench foot!
That could play into more combat utile sorcery. Something to spread afflictions…

Jesting aside, strong agreement with the first item. Another map would likely help. While procedurally generated ones that rotate out is probably not possible or would be a mess, a third or so would help liven things up a bit.

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You missed a couple crucial issues.


Those two things have put people off the game and will continue to do so. Nothing wrong with the truth


Yeah interesting points.

Back in the day I played on a no ping server and we constantly had cheaters from a certain Country. On the plus side I was able to build friendships with folks around the world. We and the other reputable clans on the server worked closely with Funcom to get them banned and would share cheats they were using (we would even share streams that we found in “a certain country” where they were selling hacks). Funcom thanked us (and even said they were using our info to help with anti-cheats) but it was kind of a game of “whack a mole”.

Well when Zendesk was implemented, the same types of cheaters started reporting us for having too large of bases (realizing we needed the large bases to deal with their dupe bombs, etc). This was after they tried raiding us and the other clans and failed AND we successfully reported them for using real cheats and hacks. As it turned out they were using multiple accounts so when one was banned it didn’t matter. Long story short, that server is COMPLETELY DEAD now after having been popular for years.


The frustrating bit is that even having been thanked by Funcom for the anti-cheat info we provided over the years, the Zendesk system banned us with no warnings for having too large of bases… We, and the other good clans, lost everything and as mentioned, the server completely died. Sad in that it was a great place to play the game with folks around the world.

I often wonder what Funcom is thinking…

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PVP? The PVE server I am on is like suburbia from the desert to the snow. As soon as one build decays 2 more sandstone cubes pop up.

Funcom fix something?

None the less you are coming from a PVP perspective. The over whelming majority of players play PVE.

Agree, but those are 2 other old, out dated games. ARK 2 will be hitting soon enough. I expect a mass exodus to it then. But when Dune is released I expect Conan to

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I thought this until I saw the release trailer and it being an MMO. I’m not sure that’s the same draw (it won’t be for me at least). An MMO means everyone on the same server(s) with the mass public. It would mean no modding. I can do without the modding (at first) for a good game, but playing an MMO with the general public? hard pass.

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I’d have to disagree with offline protection. I use to say the same thing but if that’s the case just go to pvec or pve . Other survival games have 24/7 raid hours like rust and ark. So conan is a little easier in the sense it’s not 24/7 . Plus what would happen is clans would just make a sister clan to hide the loot and never get on so they won’t get raided . They’ll just play with the sister clan. So it doesn’t make sense. What they need is different officials with small tribes like 5 max . It x4 is perfect for official . Makes it less of a grind . But for new players it’s still a lot to get good. There has to be better guides for new players tbh

They need to also stop banning their own player base no one should ever be permanently banned unless proven to hack. Ddos, lag switch . As for land claim spans and exploits that fun com fail to fix and will ban you for using it when they can just fix it instead, maybe just a ban every month sure but never permanently. And unban everyone and start clean and make the rules clear bro vague . I would have bought so much on bazar or battle pass but my main is banned for no reason so I’m not going to support a game banning me with out telling me it’s been 8 appeals with no answers what so ever

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If the goal was to have more people play on the funcom servers, they would do something like what you say. That’s why the premise here is flawed. They closed and merged servers. That says to me, that they would prefer you play on a private server than have the expense of their own servers. Then you can play the way you want to play on a server that agrees with your needs, in both rules and performance. The funcom servers cannot handle the way people typically want to play; massive building anywhere and everywhere, the tactics used discouraging to a new player who is feeling the game out before they decide what server is right for them.

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Funcom stated they have no intention to support a server ruled by one client.

I’ve actually been trying to find a decent private server to play on. Was looking at PVP Savage Wilds map servers. The problem is that it feels like too many times it is becoming more of a niche game population. Seems like high fantasy and e_otic roleplaying are what a lot of folks are playing currently (not my cup of tea).

Per prior threads on the subject, just have a number of official servers with it and see what kind of reception it gets. As for folks using sister clans, etc. folks are already just body vaulting.


I can understand that. There are a lot of servers that go for the fantasy stuff, rather than sticking to conan. I have always felt that for CE to be CE, it should involve meaningful pvp… the barbarian must be satisfied. I say that as a pve player… because idk, never got off my duff to do the pvp thing… but I have a soft spot for it.

Merges happened prior to the bazaar. We don’t actually know what percentage of their bazaar business comes from what sector of servers. And if a large chunk of that business is from folks on official servers, would make sense for them to take advantage of that.

But I think this view is a bit aggressive. I believe they simply merged servers because they realized they had a number of servers with little to no unique traffic and it made sense to trim the fat. Just because you dispose of a few pairs of shoes cluttering up your closet, it doesn’t mean you’re trying to quit wearing shoes completely.

Well they did say they see a trend to privates and in the same breath iggy said if they see a trend back they might reopen some. You are right about the sales; they know who’s buying in what environment. That’s evident because we have to be online to buy. They certainly are collecting that data.

How to increase player count? F2p. The end. More people playing, more people with access to the bazaar, more money rolling in…or is there data to suggest the lifetime spending of the typical player is less than $60?


What’s the point of growing the population when gportal is still rubbish?

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