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(for reference I was going to email this to support that’s why it is worded weird)

I just had a question if not recommendation i would like to get some more insight on. I understand by design of conan pvp servers they are tailored for a casual experience in regards to raid times and I think that’s one of the things that makes your game great. I recently purchased this game again because of how much fun I had playing it back during the era of when it was free. I am now older and have a job where hours conflict with raid times and essentially nullify my ability to get the full experience of PVP servers. I was wondering if at all possible to get a corporate standpoint on this. I have played a large amount of survival games and while getting offline raided is frustrating you see the higher player count on servers and that then has a correlation to the amount of time played by the general player base. I can’t help but notice that there is a large amount of the general servers that are dead. What if it was possible to make the best of both worlds and take some of those servers and revamp them into either extended raid hours by region or later raid hours. I believe if this was properly marketed this would bring a surge into the player base. I would love to fully play your game on official servers but I am not able to really do so. Or even the idea of 24/7 weekend raids servers. Now i know private servers are in existence that do something similar to this but I believe if this changed was properly marketed and paired with a more efficient system of being able to server transfer this could bring more people into your market. This game has a special place in my heart and I would really like to know if there is any plans to implant something like this or if it is even a reality. I think this could influx a younger player base into the game that are able to be flexible with these hours while still keeping the traditional 5-11 time for older players or players with job commitments.


Servers are not nearly as devoid as players as they may appear. People play Conan at all hours of the day, every day of the week. Sometimes you see them and sometimes you don’t. This is also exacerbated by the fact that we are in a major patch lull. So many players are simply waiting.

All of which have builds, characters, and such that would be wiped out by mergers and shutdowns. If the patch is bigger than Siptah, we can expect the servers (Which for official are half in number) to be stressed when it hits. It makes no sense at this time to close down said servers before seeing what impact will happen.

So to have what you wish in an official capacity will require you to wait and see what the next update brings. They may see enough players and enough interest to offer different styled servers.

The best option IMO is to go private and pick out the server that matches your playstyle directly. Many of the most populated PVP servers are non-official and offer a dizzying array of options. Many of which disable or mitigate the effects of offline raiding.


I do agree with @jeromeYSL basic point that raid windows are detrimental to official PVP. They’ve been my bane since they were introduced - if your life makes it hard to play in raid times, you better get used to being offlined. And then when you do make it online, you literally cannot harm the buildings and thralls of the ones who raided you. It’s a bitter taste.

Not to mention that fixed raid hours led to a whole bunch of other issues (in my opinion).


I do think they should switch Dynamic Build Damage on and set the raid times to either 24/7, or on weekends. This would solve the offline issue and mitigate heavily how often you can play influences your impact.

This is a setting they could do with very little impact on players on existing servers.


Welcome to the community.
I would direct suggest you private pvp it’s your only healthy option. For reasons you mention and reasons that it is impossible to understand unless you join privates.
Every private have rules on the right column.
Search for…
No raid off
No spawn kill
Now picking servers with multipliers is on your choise.
Try RP servers too. Closed communities that give a totally different and beautiful experience in this game.
The journey is hard, but eventually you will find a community, a private server you’ll idore. Good luck m8, Welcome :+1:t6:

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