How to revive conan

Now ive just bought conan on pc after spending thousands of hours on ps4 version, i have found it to be alot better and more populated however its still lacking many players.

I have also just recently watched Ceronesthes video of all of conans (pvp related) problems and how to fix them, now for the entire 2 hours he only makes the aboslite best points and ideas and i know 99% of players agree with him. I think that if funcom actually listend to what he has to say and acted upon it the game would be 10x better even with just a couple easy fixes. (Also dont talk about spelling errors i cbf fixing them )

  1. Horses arent the problem, the lances are imo, sure horseback is still extremely op with a pike but nothing is like the lances, they just need to be removed or straight up nerfed

  2. Please for god sake bring back 2X harvest on pvp servers, i cannot stress how grindy the game is even with it

  3. He made a extremely good point on buffing doors and gates etc. If your trying to make people have smaller bases to lessen the lag, then having less doors is gonna make entire structure smaller overall

  4. Clan sizes really dont need to be 10, if they are that desperate to have all there mates and exteneded family playing together than they can just make an alliance

  5. Daggers… they apply way to much poisen per hit, drain very little stam, do absurd damage and are overall cheesy

  6. Thralls. Thralls are honestly in a good position right now aside from beastmaster teimos, just make him harder to level and not a 100% spawn

  7. Wipes. Just like rust, i belive conan needs wipes, now ofc mot as frequent as rust does but maybe once a month or 2? And bringing back 2x harvesting would compliment this very nicely, but i beleive that alot of conans major issues is due to servers being greifed by clans that have had months even years to prepare

Anyway if you read all that then thanks alot, just if anyone from funcom sees this than just take his video into great consideration because i strongly beleive that just a few of those changes will make conan so great and id hate to see the game die out even more


Clan Sizes 2 or 4 people max will be great

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-Teimos is not a 100 % spawn, its like 70 %
-Wipes are b…hit. Go play rust if u want wipes
-Horses / Lances! You are 100% right, thats the reasonmy mates and me stopd playing after like 3000-4000 h playtime. PvP is broken cause of horses
-Dagger, yes overpowerd true! Lower poisen, a LOT

But they dont care, they just dont change these things and dont realise so many people canceld cause of the fu…ed up pvp.

I think your requests are reasonable, but they aren’t going to do regular wipes. Personally I think it would be a healthy thing but they are not going to do it.


If you try something that fails and fails hard, are you going to bring it back because a few people asked for it back? Probably not.

And that’s what happened with wipes, we had servers that wiped on the regular, they were called blitz servers, those servers were empty, not one or two players empty like people whine about now, no one played on them, it was like one player for every 10 servers empty.

So I really think it’s not going to come back.

Daggers are just the flavor of the week, they were always like this from the combat up date until now.
When everyone used polearms I used a bow and daggers, when everyone used claws, I used a bow and daggers. when sword and board was… you get the Idea.

Are daggers strong? you betcha, I just don’t think nerf’s are the answer, buff other weapons to make different play stiles viable, I know that bows could use some love to make ranged fighting a better option. Bring back headshot = killshot.


I was thinking like 6 max because sometimes alot of friends do want to be in a clan together, but 10 is just stupid considering server is only 40 players


But tbf, you know funcom and if they tried implementing better ranged combat then its just gonna be op asf, plus with the right build bows are op asf

And to the whole buffing other things statement, other qeapons already ruin players health, they do not need buff, why tf would we want more weapons that can kill players within a few hits?

Is he not 100? I have tamed teimos countless times and ive never gotten another thrall? Either way he still spawns alot considering how op he is

As far as i remember, the blitz were early access. When it went live (consoles mainly) they were not around. Changing a few officials to this could not hurt. Business 101, never stop attemting to grow. But that may be the underlying issue. FC doesnt want pvp business to grow. 90% of new stuff is pve related. Nit wrong or right, just fact.


Conan Exiles II

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I was be facetious I guess I should have used emojis, but the truth is I don’t think about emojis except as an afterthought. The jist was daggers don’t need a nerf, people will find another weapon to blame for their inept fighting skill :wink:

Ranged combat should be OP, (said the archer, hiding bow behind back as much as possible) :slight_smile:

Edit: Being serious for a moment, I really want ranged combat to actually be ranged combat, sure you can cheese the spec’s now and turn it into a melee/ranged hybrid that many find difficult to counter.

But it’s not really ranged anymore. Distance has been nerfed, if I set up a long shot like I could in EA, the arrow will not reach the target. And NPC archers used to be deadly now they’re a joke.

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Good idea, but I’d rather it be Conan Exiles Remastered. The biggest problem with CE is they keep adding new without repairing the old. To use a metaphor I’ve used in the passed. If CE was a house the original base game beta would be the foundation. Well when the full launch happened they put a house on the foundation witch in turn cracked a little. So they filled in the cracks with mortar and moved on. Since then they have continued the process of adding floors to the house and filling the cracks in the foundation. How many more floors (content updates) will they be able to add before the foundation shatters under the stress? However if they took a time out from content additions and remaster the game with a foundation meant for all current content and some extra foundation for future additions I think we would see a lot less bug report and much more stable gameplay across all platforms.

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The first part is not settled fact but the second part is somewhat accurate. The way I see it, pvp seems to want changes to existing mechanics which does not really require or sell dlc; pve/rp content does because as they have stated numerous times, they dont want dlc to be “pay to win”. Funcom does care about the pvp community tho and tries to work in changes to accommodate the games shortcomings.

Also another thing that is hurting the CE bottom line is one of the simplest to fix. ADVERTISEMENT…

For real I’m not sure what the Funcom marketing team does but it sure isn’t advertising. I have been playing CE for about 4 years but if my brother had not told me about it I never would have known the game even existed. Not once have I seen an ad for CE or any Funcom game without specifically seeking it out. And that is usually on either twitter, twitch, or youtube.

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conan died?!?!?

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Agreed, Like it doesnt take a smart guy to realise pve and pvp need different server settings and stuff


Yes exactly, its just lock on and spam really, whats ranged combat about that lmao?

Ages ago…

I actually live this reply lmao, funcoms to lazy to fix some problems no matter how easy

Why don’t you rent an own dedicated server and all the things will happen because everything you want is possible with game settings and some mods.

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