Personal thoughts about current Conan

Hello Exiles!

I just want to give you a feedback .

I play only Conan since 3 years , so I want to explain you my feelings about my favourite game .

2.3 and 2.4 patch completely killed the game , 2 patches that , in my useless humble opinion , are been the biggest mistake of Conan, since they needed just to fix the pork glitch; plus the last patch , with the freeze, made the game unplayable!

Me ,personally, like a lot of other players (Console and Ps especially ), don’t care about realism, and the last patches, with this useless healing system and no animation cancellation, definely killed Conan.
This is an evidence, I’m not creating or saying personal tales: only 1 official server full on 300 is a really bad number .
I would like to know if is there a possibile to bring back the old patches or are you planning something to save the game, dear Funcom?
I feel so bad about it ,because I know and I talked with a big amount of players that stopped playing Conan cause last stupid patches.

Why the programming team doesn’t admit that all these new features and patches are been the biggest mistake they ever did for conan?
What do you think about it Exiles?

I can only say that I miss real Conan, the old Conan when you required a few skills to be better and not spamming daggers or claws ( luckily fixed in 2.5).
I remember when I could see Conan servers full, always new people and clans to fight ; now all these feelings are dead.



From a PVP perspective I would say I agree with you halfway. I cant say they killed the game, but I cant say they made it more “alive”.

Making a game less challenging in matter of making yourself good at a game is a big loss in my opinion. And reason for that is pretty simple, the need to get good is not there anymore.

Back in 2018-2019, even in 2020, u actually had to play a lot learn the game mechanics, movement, aim and so on to be really good in the PVP game, but now? Everything is just so slow so u really dont need to practise as hard to get there.

So yes, having only 1 way to heal and that’s with animation is a big big misstake, but also making skillfull weapons slower and less meaningful (2hspear) and removing unwield cancelling (the regular one) is just making it more clunky and boring tbh.


The absolute failure that patch 2.2 was hit me hard. I stuck it out through patch 2.3, but by the time 2.4 hit and not only were serious issues still unresolved, they kept breaking more things. I just gave up at that point. The game is not fun for me in its broken state. I watch the forums and patch notes hoping some day things will improve, but that day has not arrived.

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The dodge change and movement change about did it for my wife. She almost uninstalled the game over the laundry list of illogical, self defeating policy the game was implementing. Luckily, Funcom scaled back the damage a little bit and my wife only took a break from the game. Generally, Funcom takes two steps forwards and one step back. I know I won’t agree with everything they do, but I am seeing some steps in a positive direction. Examples of this are mostly…

Being able to learn all feats now. - Good.
Being able to swim without things getting greyed out. Good.
GUI scale slider for buffs. - Excellent.
Horses. - Good.
Textures nerf. - Bad.
Graphics Cinematic setting. - Excellent.

Overall, the game looks and plays more smoothly than it used to. I crash less, there is slightly more to do, and QoL changes like stack size and non-grey out vision while swimming makes the game more enjoyable.

Glad they finally fixed glowing goop lighting.

This game has so much potential, if they just invest in it and put more RPG elements into it. (Skilling, Equipment, Buffs, “Twinking”)

I want to see a trade window. And a cross-server “store” where players can travel through a cavern system into a central hub and exchange thralls, goods, and play mini-games with each other.


For me is the same, the last 2 patches on PS4 ruined my experience, the game freeze like crazy when I enter multiplayer, it only runs ok when I’m in solo. Funcom, please do something, I don’t like to play the game like these, I want to keep playing, but, it’s almost imposible, yesterday I was killed by 2 drafaris level 1 just because the entire fight my game was freezed. my friend came to save the situation and to retrieve my stuff.

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Hmm i have almost 3k hours.
started playing a lot since the early access of siptah.

BEST change:nerfing ambrosia THANK CROM.

Good changes:adjusting other weapons such as katana or hammers. or spears.
Changing the healing system so instead of eating 50 chunks of meat, you actually need to take care of when you heal.
stamina and be able to swin and attack underwater
changing the XP you get from crafting stuff, avoiding exploits to get to 60 by just crafting thousands oif tables.
the seal system in siptah and adding some sort of endgame.
and the undermesh system in EL

BAD changes:Nerfing the surge in siptah, adding t4 thralls around the map, the fish system
adding broken legendaries allowing to exploit and get infinite arrows
adding purge to siptah.
siptah is now basically an inferior version of EL.the surge made it feel different, now it isn’t.
nerfing horses, there was a time and a place for horse fights and ground fights.
Chraracter transfer needs a nerf, is fine transfering some weapons, level and armor, but thats it.

WORST change: animation cancelling removed, why, just why did you feel like making the game feel less skill based and more slow would be fun?

also They need to fix flying bases, undermesh spots and some other exploits.

and for the love of ymir, can you do something to stop the hackers going from server to server and wiping everyone?.

It is pretty sure that if tomorrow a Playstation player decides to download the game and find out that after so many hours of downloading the game, it is in this shape, he will curse the time that he decides to start this game. It is highly important for the game to be always in a level that a player will enjoy playing it.
So a great priority for me is the gaming quality, because the experience that a player will get is really unfair to what this game really is. For me, even if I mention it 1000 times before, I will say once more, that it is far the best survival game I ever played. This game runs like blood in my veins years now. I took a small break about a year ago because I was really bittered that pc move on and Playstation stayed behind, I played some other games but no other could make me stay long. Just the excitement of the new content, some decades or hundreds hours and that’s it. One day for no reason I just didn’t want to play this game again. Only Conan exiles so far achieved to keep my interest so long. I cannot count hours in this game, just thousands, I don’t know how many, I lost it, or burn it, you choose.
I do agree that I don’t enjoy some changes at the beginning, but eventually I get used to everything, I can adopt easy and to be honest my primary is pve so when the game becomes more challenging, for me it’s good.
My bottom line is that good or bad change make no difference, before you know it you will get use to it, but…
The performance of the game should be always at least very good and hacks and exploits must stop one day.
The game is awesome and it should be on the top ten charts.

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  • Addition of content to Siptah, e. g. purges, new recipes, other ways to farm ???s, pool bosses.
  • Server transfers.
  • Bugfixes.
  • New animations for some weapons. Don’t really understand why that was given priority, but the result is nice. Funcom is still the best in animations.

Did not like:

  • Several weapon recipes seem unfinished or severely underpowered.
  • The bleed double nerf (duration, bleed effect on weapons).

Would like:

  • Finishing or fixing content in Exiled lands, e. g. the missing ghost of Telith, the missing mummy of the ring.
  • Rework of follower attributes and perks, e. g. making all stats more relevant, removing the invisible damage modifiers, making stat/perk gain feel less random/punishing.
  • New dungeons and areas. The game has some really great assets that could be used to create more content reeeelatively cheaply.
  • Adding an economy to bases, e. g. thralls needing beds, eating, farming and gathering thralls as in Fallout 4. This could also help to balance thralls a bit - want 50 fighter thralls? Well, than you need a base big enough to house 50 beds, 50 training puppets, gather food yourself and so on.
  • More dual wield weapons. The animation e. g. for Whirlwind Blades is really great, but the weapon is, uhm, not good. More recipes with more worthwhile weapons or a buff to the whirlwind blades would be nice.

You can learn all feats now? I thought we already could with the tablets of power?

I can’t speak to all the changes, but I love the animations on healing. It adds weight and a risk reward mechanic to when you should heal.

I am not kidding when I say that it’s actually one of the things that sold me on the game when it came to gamepass


Conan PvP nowadays is slow and boring. Right click simulator just like shown in this video (yes it is from the famous Dogs training server, but applies to any PvP fight in Conan):

The red marked game is what took me away from Conan. Fluid melee PvP combat that is versatile (air combat, combos that actually matter, parrying, dodging/dodge rolling, grappling hooks, good ranged weapons) and a ranking/ladder system.

You can’t expect Conan Exiles to be a combat simulator. CE is a sandbox, it has a lot of everything, but basic. Don’t think that CE will ever have PvP like For Honor, as you don’t expect GTA to have driving and car customization like Forza.


Yeah that is right, CE is an allrounder.

With the exception that the combat in it was once fun and entertaining.


I understand that. But personally I prefer realism over entertainment in games such as CE that pretend to be a survival. If they add parrying and blocking with the sword or other things that add even more realism — that’s fine. But if they remove healing animation — that’s not fine. For me. But I understand that you want CE to be a better game for you, so it’s okay. Anyway it’s Funcom who will decide.



For me the game started to go the wrong direction when they came up with the horse patch. I stopped playing there for a long time, untill they nerfed the horses i think. Then the healing, then the animation canceling remove and I stopped playing again, and now I consider the game dead for me.

Since all this we decided to make a server running on a 2019 patch (or any patch of our choice). If you want and know of any friends that also misses the good old days youre very welcome to come and play with us! :slight_smile:


Stopped reading here. Every patch since 2017 has supposedly “killed the game” (in particular PvPers are most prone to screaming this), and yet the overall player population trend is still going up…


The game was at last playable before; Don’t get me wrong, every updates made it worse and worse, but i’m sure if they will drop back ( impossible) something like old healing sistems, weapons animation cancelling, old stamina system, a lot of people will come back.
It wont happen, but actually this is the only Conan possibility to keep surviving.
I played this game 3 years and it’s like 3 months that i stopped .
I tried it but i feel it boring and with no skills required.
In my opinion they just needed to fix the pork glitch and the game was funny enough.


Well if I compare it to release it’s still far from “going up”… Not even considering other games from other AAA companies like Funcom claims to be.

Looking at the whole time span (only Steam Data available atm) the game literally died 2 months after release. What was left were the “diehard” fans who enjoyed the game despite the bugs, glitches and exploits. And every game has this core playerbase.

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Roleplayers. Let’s face it, Conan Exiles became a sand box for roleplayers long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Getting sooooooooooooo tired of this. Take a long look at Valheim, and Ark, and a bazillion other games. I’m sure those are all “dead” too right? Valheim sure isn’t pulling 500,000 people online anymore so, “dead game.” And your 2 months after February of 2017? Or May of 2018? Ya, the population of Conan NEVER recovered…if you are intentionally trying to create narrative (as you are), then ya, sure…

Give me a break, this is getting old.