Make Conan somewhat good again

With Conan devs removing some official servers they should do legacy servers with the old game mechanics it would be a good idea I feel like a lot of old Conan players would come back or play more for the legacy servers


This was brought up already, and i don’t think it woukd be as cool as you think it would.

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Tbh I really think it would be. For pvp at least since the pvp experience and also the skill required has been going downhill very fast in the last 2 years

The game has come a long way
And to be fair it is at its peak of being good

It can only get better, hopefully the combat will get smoother, AI get smarter and legendaries be usefull again.

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PvE might be at it’s peak but pvp is somewhere very far down at the moment

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You want this back? :smiley:

what you call fighting skills I call pur macro spamming with control settings on. This has nothing to do with beeing skilled at all. And I am saying this as a pvp player.

Although I think Funcom should work on improving the figthing mechanics, a lot of it is very clunky imho, going back to how it was, in my eyes, is no option at all. People need to let go of old mechanics and adapt to the new ones. To much destructive, abusive and toxic behaviour from people that call themselfs hardcore players have destroyed the pvp community greatly over the years. The game can´t afford to go that road any longer. Most people in the pvp community ignore the fact, that they are a part of the problem, because they do not care about anything but themselfs. Its not just Funcom who made a lot of bad choices over the years. New and casual players completly have lost the chance to evolve and grow thats why numbers are declining massively. No reason for new people to get into pvp if they get wiped out the minute they enter the sever, before they even had the chance to learn and enjoy the beauty of pvp.

The hardcores are the ones who do not know any boundaries. They always think the game has to evolve around them. For years they abused the game so hard, that it became unplayable any other way for anybody else. They do not know when enough is enough, when something becomes a no go. The higher the rise, the deeper the fall is what we are saying in my country. And its true. The best characteristic of a great fighter is not having strength, but to know when to fight and when to show mercy. This community knows everything about destruction but nothing about showing mercy. Its time to change!


I’ve asked me this all the time. When someone gets raided: why steal everything that you already have? Why not just go in, steal their dragon powder/bombs and destroy their beds. Then call it a day. So they can rebuild in a day and can deliver another awesome raid for you (fighting, defence etc).

This knock-out mechanic is just killing the game.

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That is true, combat isn’t only sluggish in PvE but also PvP
A lot has changed in combat because of PvP but not always the best in my opinion.

I think light armour meta is better, however the light helmet from siptah is very unbalanced, it makes no sense light outperforming even heavy helmets.

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I’ve got a server and a base set up on official. My buddy doesn’t play anymore

Yes. This video might be a bad example but back in that meta skill actually decided about the outcome of the fight not just pure numbers

People complained that this was a “Poke&Roll” META.

The thing is, we have that even more nowadays with 6 rolls and no animation canceling. Back then rolling was costly and if you spammed it, you were DEAD (old exhaustion + stamina regen). But rolling was also OP. One tap on ALT key and you were out of danger.

The worst issue I had with the old system was the rubberbanding, but I agree with you it felt smoother

(as of today with the 2.8 update the AI rubber bands… they move and teleport back, very annoying to hit with arrow since you have to predict their movement)

Pre horses would be fun, also remove the obelisks…

I played this PRE vulcano, gosh thats long ago, everything was smooth back then…

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