Legacy servers pls

This is for the pvp players and maybe even some pve players if they wish to go back to older updates

But I feel there should be a “Age of Legacy” update where they add legacy servers similar to how ark did with having small clusters of official and boosted servers where they have been reverted to older updates

I feel this will help the population of the game especially the pvp part of the the community and make a lot of older players come back I don’t see why they are avoiding this it really is a good idea and even if it didint help the game with population it would still give those who currently play something else to do on the game if they ever feel bored or tired of the current update

Would y’all want this or no?

I’ve done this before. Hosted servers with older patches.

The population died quickly. Because you’ll have to download an older client as well to play on these servers.

The only experience I have is with Runescape, which sprouted an offshoot called “Old School Runescape” for those who wanted the classic experience.

Only, it turned out those players didn’t really want the classic experience. What they wanted was to cherry-pick the updates they get to the game. So rather than a live version that gets regular updates, and a classic version encased in amber, they had two versions that got regular updates - at some point, the “Old School” even got more updates than the “live” version. And because they have features that work differently, each update that is applied to both versions needs twice the man-hours.

So, how long would people really be happy with a version of Conan Exiles that didn’t get updates? Because let’s be honest, Funcom can’t produce new content with an acceptable level of quality control to one version of the game, so making updates to two versions is right out of the question.