Age of Conan Classic

So i come here with a suggestion - like in other MMO games, AoC can have classic old-school version of a game too.

What i suggest:

  • dedicated sever with fresh new progression
  • version of a game and client is pre-khitay based with old engine, not dreamworld one. With real DX10 features included.
    So we would have all old content that was before khitay expancion pack, i mean no Bori shrines, no t2 pvp gear and pvp level capped at 5 and so on. Also we will have working and useful crafting system, gem slots in geat and etc.
    It can be temporal server for a 2-3 month like a new Saga.

Your thoughts?


Would be kinda funny to have such a server for a short duration, I am getting a nostalgic feeling when thinking about farming for T0.5 armor sets to be geared enough for T1 raids (maybe even with the old stats system?) :smiley:
Though there are lots of QoL inprovements that we would miss out if we got a server that used such an old version of the game.

My thoughts short:
I hope they dont waste their limited ressources on that and work instead on real content for the actual game.

Also without any useful rewards which go to the Crom/Fury toons, not a lot of people would play it. Just look at Saga of Blood or Saga of Zath… After the reward gaining questline, most people left.

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nearly what we had at last saga for 1-2 weeks (lvl 70 and 79)

boy was it good. shame they pulled the plug on it only listening to the guys that just wanted to complete their questline asap. we all know what happened as soon as that server hit 80.

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I doubt they’d even have the old codes you’re talking about.

And I too would rather see things that benefited Crom (well OK Fury too :wink: ).

If they worked on a server again, i wish they reunite Crom and Fury with an option to choose if you want open world pvp (with pvp disabled as default setting to not fear newcomers). I think it would benefit the game more than any other population split like the sagas were.

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I think it’d be fantastic if they split 80 into multiple brackets as well-

First week of 80: No raids available. PvP gear up to PvP2 available
Second week of 80: t1 available. PvP gear up to t1 available
Third week of 80: t2 available. Everyone is able to allocate 40 AA points total.
Fourth week of 80: t3 available
Fifth week of 80: Khitai (previously locked) is now available. Everyone can allocate up to 200 AA points
Sixth week of 80: pvpt2/t3 available. t3.5/t4 available.
Seventh week: All restrictions removed.

Each week could have its’ own unique quest to do that week’s unlocked raid, or for example in the fifth week, complete Yag. Make each week also give a quest to get 50 kills, complete 10 minigames, etc.

Call the saga the “Legacy of Conan”, as it somewhat mimics the order in which content was released. The only discrepancy is that the pvpt2/t3 will release after khitai rather than before, and 40 AA points can be allocated before.

if you ask me it’s too late for that now

they had their chance to do those things with the last couple of sagas.

at this point we need more content, not more replay.


You get a full set of t6 armor claimable on account if you stay the whole time. That enough apple for you people? since you never do anything for fun

So tell me where is the fun in lvling a toon you already got again?

There is not even close to enough content for a “Classic” AoC. And if you remember 2008, you should remember people leaving AoC because of NO content… a lot of fun…

Just be realistic once… there is no reason for a “classic” AoC Server.

Let’s see what’s left to do on a dayly basis : a dayly unchained run and excavators dungeons, with prety much nothing else for 4 weeks … that would be very boring !

there is no content designed for yet another character with t6 armor … so what’s the point ?

AoC hasn’t really changed that much since start that a ‘Classic’ version would make sense.

The largest change was the Rise of the Godslayer expansion which added Khitai and the AA system.
I think most people like those additions, and don’t want them to disappear.

Among more recent changes, the only ones I really see people complain about are Raid Finder and World Bosses - and to a lesser extent Shadows of Vanaheim.
Disabling those for a more ‘Classic’ experience could actually work, but the major risk there would be splitting an already small player base.

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This would probably be for the best, bring the pop’s together. I don’t know how many players make use of the harder zone setting, but if not alot they could even relabel that one Pvp so when you get ready to change zone’s you have the choice of normal or pvp.

I’d rather see that, than letting the pvper’s play in the same area as the pve’er’s. I can see a couple of them going at it in the middle of Tortage by the Trader just to try to get in everyone’s way.

this game is more classic atm then it was 2010 when khitai was still relevant. making the massive expansion (biggest source of content ingame) obsolete with rf was the implementation of aoc classic.


To remove the Khitai expansion (or any of them) for me would make it feel like my early days when I couldn’t cross the Wall. I would rather the game would develop more options, not less.

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with RF there are no more options! and they dont make new content for aoc just re-skins and etc. open your eyes.