Saga of Zath Feedback

Hey all,

With the launch of the Saga of Zath, we’d like to hear what you all think of the concept, the execution, and what kinds of themes or rulesets you’d like to see for the future. If you could please take a moment to also explain why you feel this way, that would be excellent!

Thank you!

I don’t like having the things I paid for unusable on the new server, but purchasable again. If you are going to remove that “advantage” from people that paid in the past, then it should be blocked from people playing now too. Disable the store completely, or give us back our claims!

As for future servers, it probably isn’t a good idea to keep making people level up from 1-80 over and over. I imagine most people don’t want that kind of repeated grind.


I loved the idea, I don’t mind people not having items they bought previously (myself included).
The only thing why I quit within a day of starting, is because for me Age of Conan means PvP.

I would love to experience the same thrill as in the first weeks of the game, when people were PvP’ing in the open world. Let me know if you will open a new server with a pvp ruleset.

And i’d love the extra fatality chance there too!

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I have a concern about the way you’ve set up the end game transfer of the new server. What is too stop the bot farmers from gathering large quantities of the T6 weapons then selling them on the normal server. The 1 character per account limitation doesnt correctly stop this practice as many players have multiple accts and I am pretty sure that the bot farmers will have many more then that.

I would love to see the pvp server too, i would also like to create multiple characters on the new server, but it seems like I can only make one – or is it the UI? Can anyone else make more then 1 character?

Also, I recently started playing again in the last two weeks (played 2008-2010, and beta too) i miss the way mmos used to be and the realism in this game in particular, and its amazing how well it aged.

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I imagine the T6 weapons are bound to the toon getting them on Saga, and the 2nd set for Crom toon is bound to the account. There will be no trading or selling T6 stuff aside from maybe selling full accounts.

You are only allowed 1 character per account on Saga.


I have really enjoyed the concept. At times it is annoying to not have teleport paths all over the place but now I am once again riding through places I get to experience the world again.
it has been a nice challenge and really great to get tier items at the end of the destiny quest to put a character at least on a starting level for doing end game content. i would still do t1 raids just for the fun of it anyway, regardless of the fact I am t1 already.

I like the idea of one character on a server and not alt jumping about and who you see is easy as often in guild it gets quite confusing who is who ! but that is just me.
I do think the communication between FC and players, in terms of goals and outcomes could have been a bit better as most of what is know is hear-say. The offical release page on website was very vague, maybe that is because it was tailored at new players but perhaps also experienced players need to know actually what items go where and how.

Its nice to see people enjoying old instances and even doing khesh bats again!

Great idea and it really did work out well. thanks.

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Yeah - thanks for the info, I wish they would allow more then.

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The items and the scrolls that give them are character bound, so this won’t be possible. :slight_smile:


Having started a new server in game, gives people the desire to level up a new character that will serve in future raids, dungeons or other content.
What tends to be important is the T6 items that will follow and give characters on Saga that boost is needed to achieve better stats in terms of gearing.
I personally enjoying the whole concept of starting over again, but what I would need beside this, is more Dungeons 6-man or even harder challenges that will require more people, lets say 12-man for example.
So is what Conan answered about 'what is best in life?'
Conan: To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women.
Cya all in battlefield :slight_smile:

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Really enjoying after not playing for a while.


Used to play during Beta and into the first year and then played on and off but the Saga server really made me interested in coming back and been having a lot of fun.

Now I have thought the game was amazing since I was in the Beta but there were always 2 things that made it less appealing. Now I think the setting and the feel of the game is amazing, you see it and it looks how you imagine the world of Robert E Howard. However the look of the armour and weapons available to my character always seemed lacking, hell I buy the starting gear just to have a pirate outfit so I’m not in a skirt or other assortment of (very thematic yet still not how want to look) ugly gear.

The second thing and part of the brutal theme is how unforgiving the game is. Now Combat can be a fair bit of fun and this play through cause I don’t want to have to grind out gear and whatever I have availed myself of the store gear. At this point the enjoyment I get from being able to stride into a group of enemies and defeat them out weighs the tiny cost. I play the game for fun not feeling like any group of 4+ enemies is tough and when their friends walk over its going to be really tough. But given we have to deal with positioning and pulling off combo’s and adds walking in the reward from all of these battles can seem a little meager. I can’t think of any other MMO that has such a complex combat system. And few that require so much work to advance and so many quests to complete and yet the next area is just more brutal than the last.

So my two hopes for any future would be better armour and weapons that give a bit more variety and perhaps a little more protection and a few less hole in it. And second that if your going to be fighting 4, 5 or 6 enemies and need to perform multiple attack combos which seldom catch all of them you improve survivability, where your playing a hero and not a tomb stone. Cause having played with decent leveling gear the experience is far more enjoyable when you can take on the masses than when the masses take you down.


No real problem with not being able to get at my claim’s. I understand it was to level the playing field and it seemed to work.

Would like to see a saga server with a weekly quest line (check out how LotRO did the Bingo Baggins one). Basically a new quest each week at a set level above the last one. Destiny is kind of one, but you’d need 14 for the server length taking you to X (boss, location etc…). Quests could even lead you to (tie in with Conan Exiles) how you ended up on a CE cross.

Just in general adding onto Val’s post above; armor / clothing dyes so we can give the armor and stuff a different look. With how crowded Saga is in Tortage it really screams how few variations there are.

And even through I don’t; the next Saga server should be a PvP one, maybe starting all as lvl 80 to combat any ganking problems of the lower levels in the Tortage zone. You’d just end up cutting out Tortage like you did with the Anniversary 80’s.


Im realy enjoyng the Saga-server :slight_smile: - but i totaly agree with that!
For example the second talent-specialization.
Those who already payed for this cant claim it, but can buy it from the Shop?!
I dont want and i dont will pay for this again.
This is just stupid :rage:

There is a strong Pay 2 Win feeling in the server, have not played much yet but from the little time I have that is the thing that pops to mind, really would like to be able to have My claims and the loyalty rewards, including the once you removed om the live server.

This server has tons of fun. Our Guild made one as well in saga. Thanks Funcom for Job well done.


Dear Funcom,
could you please give an AoC players a choise to transfer they event characters, after Saga Sever close, to Fury too?

I think it’s a terrific idea for a server. It’s been asked of nearly all other long lasting MMOs at some time or another, so I am glad to see one has been made. Having been gone from the game for half a decade, it’s a very welcoming sight and incentive for me to get back into it all again.

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It’s only natural that you do a PvP ruleset - you really missed the mark this time by not making PvP an incentive because before on Crom with the absurd gear available it’s just no fun, but it’s fun here with less gear, I had more fun messing about in lowbie minis than I have PvEing.

If in the future you just do away with the epic zones (which are a waste of time) you can make those PvP zones and have the regular PvE zones, but give an extra 50% xp gain for questing in PvP zones.

Also give us T3 guild cities off the bat (so you build T1 and it’s automatically T3 once you complete it) so we can claim BKs and craft etc. The grind to build a city for a temp server is just a waste of time.

Future saga servers will need gimmicks or leaderboards or something, though, because I don’t foresee that many people willing to start over if you do another one soon.

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  1. With new server opened Funcom you see the great demand for AoC -> so developing this game is natural step. I am pretty sure that Saga is pretty profitable.

  2. Open PvP saga with minor changes suggested by players.

  3. Gain more $$$ for AoC development and dont screw it.

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