Goodbye and farewell Saga

Saga is dead, long live Crom!

Goodbye, it was an awesome ride as long as it lasts!
My personal overall impression is, that many players experienced Age of Conan in a completly different way as they used to, in a way it should be: crowded and full of life.

I had a blast, met tons of new people, attended lots of cool raids and groups, and am beyond impressed how awesome a big part of the german community played and worked together, to get as many people through the quest as possible! (May it be inside or outside of Troll Collection and Mitra, obviously I am blown away by the support of the raid leaders, officers, volunteers and members of Mitra :wink: ).

Good call to try this out, Funcom!

I was happy to see so many people step up and lead raids and bring guilds and raidforces together, who befor did not necessarily do such things, or have not done it in a long time.

What is the strongest positive feeling, observation or situation you remeber on Saga?

(Please continue to post important feedback in this thread: Saga of Zath Feedback)


Thanks so much for playing Kantakwa, glad you had fun! Hopefully we’re able to do more things like this in the future. :slight_smile:


I have to agree, the saga server was really nice and I had lots of fun. I met many people that I now regulary play on Crom with which is really awesome, lots of them are completely new to the game and it’s just awesome to see that they have so much fun playing the game.

For me the very best moments were probably the first few days after hitting level 80, doing all the dungeons “just” in T1 armor (yes, veterans on Crom are spoiled with all our fully geared characters xD), especially finishing the hard dungeons and raids was giving a good feeling of success, like doing Chaos in T1 and blue khitai gear or T4 in T1 gear.

And for the first time I enjoyed PvP in Age of Conan, low level mini games were really awesome and made so much more fun than the general PvP on Crom where new PvPers get eaten alive by PvP10 players all day long, only green and blue crap gear available, very low amount of combo attacks, no real AA advantage - I really hope the new update is going to bring that to Crom, I am definitely going to try that with a new character.


Had a blast! Fastest time I’ve ever leveled a character to 80 that’s for sure.

The first month was probably the best as Tortage and the starter zones were packed, lot’s of brand new people were playing, old players came back to check it out. Hopefully it’ll carry over to Crom and we can keep the party going.

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I must say I was not to keen on the whole Saga things when it was announced. Mostly because I am not to fond of leveling. But it brought back old friends, I got the purist achivement and did some old content I had almost forgotten how fun they were/are.

The big negative for me was the adding of the Raid Finder and I would be happy, if you do something like this again, to not add it as it killed of a lot of other activites.

But overall a pleasant experience that was a great stroll down memory lane. So tHanks @Mussagana and the bunch.

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I really enjoyed Saga. I did not get to finish the final raid, but I still had a wonderful time. I am 50/50 on RF, fun but unnecessary. Other than that, I would suggest easing up on the chat, bank, gold restrictions for FtP players.



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I actually enjoyed it even though I was initially opposed to it and I generally hate the pve ruleset but I too met some cool people and will continue to split my time between crom and fury. Getting to do some of the higher end raids was better than I expected. Certainly beats the old funcom days of raiding.

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It was fun for couple weeks before people geared up. Dungeons were much funnier when there was no t4+ people carrying us leechers and everyone had to (at least try to) do their part (felt sooooo,2008-2011). Eventually raid finder came and everyone had better things to do than silly dungeons …