Thanks for this Saga server

I’m not a pvp-player, but so far I have enjoyed this server more than the pve Saga-server. There is just something about that you never can feel safe anywhere.
The weekly level cap is also clever made, which forces us to explore all the maps.

So - thanks a lot :+1:


This PvE server is great! :smiley:


Have enjoyed this server very much.


agreed it’s a good server in many ways. in many aspects just how I like it, actually getting to use all the different gear available, be it through quests/dungeons/epic bosses/crafts/pvp vendor. sad about the rough start, and good move to keep the shop gear 10 levels lower as a totally relevant alternative for those who do not want to grind for the gear.

my wish list for next time:

  • rework leaderboard to show minigame win / loss ratio on leaderboards (right now people don’t give a care to if they loose. they just give up instantly to start a new mini with new chance of being on a team that farms the other team + get a win. IMO a horrible miss from whoever made the leaderboards… the stats are already there, why not use them?)
  • remove the lvl 80 ring from gambling box useable at lvl 1, also reduce the vendor sell price of 200g for legendary items (it inflates gold and make some guys instantly king of the trader)
  • remove the chosen of gullah festival event
  • rescale prowess gain along the levels so not only fields of slaugther is the place to yield prowess

last and very important, put some epic siege based quest at the end of saga for 80 PvP. or maybe not quest, but the server goal and bragging rights to the guild to achieve it, like 1st guild to get a t3 battlekeep. like we had ethram kill on zath.



Yea but instead of making a new Saga server, Funcom should focus on making Age of Conan II. I have never seen so beautiful game, and I love the feeling of the game and everything in it. I’m sure it would be a great success. Plus, the music in this game is the best!

(yesterday when I logged on Crom, it felt like a “dead game” because it didn’t had the pvp aspect, which I find funny since I’m not on this server for pvp, but I just like that we have the option, and always have to keep an eye out for enemies - AND also the opportunity to kill annoying players who wanna steal your mobs, haha).


I agree the game we have now is awesome, but I would rather this built upon instead of a whole new game. Additional content, dungeons and so on.

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1-30 was fun.


most classes underdeveloped back then.

now it’s real fun before the same old 80 we’ve had for so long. also the item shop will come more into effect at 80 XD

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doesnt matter people actually played the game at 1-30.

What about a permanent level 30 server? :stuck_out_tongue: