New Player: Sagas sound pretty cool

Was reading about Sagas, how often do they occur? Will a new one start soon? It sounds like it’d be really interesting!

We haven’t seen any for awhile now. They’re current thing seems to be the Onslaught mode, but hope springs eternal.

They were interesting. It’s fun to restart at lvl 1 with everyone else and see the game crowded for a bit, PUG’s going left and right etc… etc…

The one worry at the start was they were doing them too often and now they’re not doing them so finding a sweet spot somewhere between those two extreme’s would be nice.

I asked Andy on discord a few weeks ago and he said no plans for a saga server atm, but his words were never say never so :smiley:

It was fun until rf was activated. I would enjoy a pve saga server without rf, world boss, os, is, a quest line for raids and one for dungeons, with 10 times more ressources out of each node to build a guild city, achievements for guilds, city building, renown, single players achievements, and guild cities be transfered to Crom afterwards.
Saga is no new content, but it makes all of us do the old content at the same time.


Saga is only fun pre level 80. The last pvp saga was a blast. They slowly inched the level cap up until it was 79. No aas, no level 80s. No pvp gear. Just 79 pvp and man it was fun. You could tell the quality of pvp took a nosedive right after they opened up 80. Therin lies the problem with aoc in a nutshell. Level 80 and all the garbage perks and game imbalancing mechanics/gear that becomes available. Not to mention loot boxes from the store. Those things made it worse.

They won’t do another saga. Mussagana, the lead dev who initiated saga servers, no longer works at Funcom. He jumped ship when he saw how bad it was.

The game is in maintenance mode. There will be no more content or saga servers.

I think you forgot a bit how incredibly broken full AAs + legendary rings were at low levels.

Let’s hope for some new-blood at the firm who wants to ‘prove themselves’ and who ■■■■■ around with a the Saga idea.

Well, you know what Billy bob always says when you wish for things.
Wish for what you want in one hand and take a big old sh*t in the other, then see which one fills up first. :smiley:

Funcom isn’t interested in fresh blood working on AoC. Exiles is their baby now. AoC is in the retirement home and is rarely ever visited by the kids. Slowly dying day by day… The few people who still play, convincing themselves that they enjoy doing the same content over and over and over and over. They’re too invested in their pixels to walk away.

As one person said, the most exciting content being offered by Funcom these days is a world boss…

And cry as ye might, the CEO of Funcom does not, nor will he ever deign to heed your call. He has chosen to ignore this game and its loyal player base, instead choosing to abandon it to the ranks of Anarchy Online and other long forgotten projects gone to waste.

At the end of the day, you can lead horses to water but it’s up to them to drink or not. Some folks have fought to gain the attention of those who could make financial decisions as to re-invest in this game but those unsung heroes were promptly banished for their trouble.

No, I’m afraid that Funcom has 0 interest in doing anything with this game. Except issuing bans for any reason they see fit until everyone is eventually gone and they can finally pull the proverbial plug.


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