Any news about another Saga server?

Hey guys!

Any plans for a new Saga server? I haven’t really played since 2018 and am not interested in coming back to a game where most of the group content is dead but I liked the PvE Saga (not interested in PvP) and would even be willing to reactivate my account if it’s done right this time… meaning no or later RF.


I second this.

Currently nothing like that is planned.

I would like to see a new Saga as well but I also doubt it will happen anytime. I am still waiting on the Black Kuthchemes content that was announced the put on hold.

New content YES. Get wiped and start over without any new content (=saga so far) a clear NO to me.


Making the playing field even for new players is clearly a terrible idea. God forbid we have to play without all our shiny gear and gadgets.

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Im guessing you’re talking from a pure pvp perspective? cos one of the core characteristics of mmorpgs in a PVE context is to refine your character troughout years of progress. The usual formula helping new players catch up is to heavily nerf the old content. Tho this doesnt work in a game where new content never comes.

funcom should have split the weekly shards amount and added it to diffrent things like dungeons, raids, raidfinder, pvp to give the game life across the board of activites. All new players are just gravitizing towards raidfinder and staying there (and only there) untill they uninstall the game.

If you are talking about saga from a pvp standpoint then that could be fun, but wouldnt it be better if they by now scrapped all pvp progression like gear and AA on live server? In this current pvp landscape it should be evened out for sure to make it more competetive.


I have name for new saga server “Ban island”

The quest on this server is to avoid getting ban hammered by funcom, last man standing will get fuc* all as reward and is told to go F himself at end of the event.


I like it, Shop open for business gauge all you can from people wallets then ban the same people for no reason at all, genius Delred :slight_smile:


How about as a Saga DLC, if you happen to get to the end game, you get a perma ban for account selling allegations without proof, so the only winner is the company bleeding your account for 12 years?


They can only bleed what i give them, which from now on forwards is a big fat zero!!!

I dont know how the owners of this company are not aware of the way the servers are being run and the stupid bans being handed out without any proof what so ever, the amount of people i have seen banned because of suspicious activities is ridiculous , and thats as far as they justification goes for the bans! you can hack as much as you want, but the innocent get banned and foul language in a mature game gets dealt with swiftly, its clear to see why the company draws so much heat they are pure cowboys in the gaming industry. #noobs


Gone are the days of the funny crap talking in global. The new gm’s are social justice warriors. This game is rated for ages 18 and up. I can’t even post certain words in this forum. Old forum was much better.

:poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:

use emojis instead…

:peach: :eggplant: :cucumber: :cherries: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:

I wonder if they gonna go throw that ban hammer on some npc’s in this game and in exiles since some of them use so foul language, i am emotionally upset from those texts that I read… lel


They will have to NPC’s are nearly the only things left in their games lol , will the last NPC banned turn out the lights…


Fury trash talk is alive and well. You must be careful on Crom, hurt feelings and Care Bears don’t mix well.

Unfortunately the population is low, so there are pros and cons, lol.

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Always the philosopher; if a troll writes obscene comments on Fury and there’s no one there to be offended … ? :rofl:


I’ve been playing classic and can talk mad trash to people without bans.

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