New Saga Server?

Hi ■■■■■■,
I was wondering if there are any plans to make a new Saga Server? My friend and I are planning to play and would love the opportunity to start fresh with everyone else.

Not for awhile


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And hopefully not a pvp one so the special part of our community can run around without any repercussions

You’re like utog 2.0 why are you still here?

Showing a passion for this game and being frustrated by its faults (mainly the cheaters problem ) does not make me a 2.0 of anyone , i expect a company that in their terms preach zero tolerance of cheats in their product to see it through. Now in my life i dont know about yourself i hold people accountable for their actions or in this case lack of , if you dont expect much of others or products fair play to you , my standards are different i hold people to their word.

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Cheating is an issue in every online pc pvp game bar none… and aoc is a game with no devs or real support (no matter what they say) so I don’t know what you’re expecting.

@Evito i expect the same i expect of everything, if you say in you’re game rules that cheating and 3rd party programs are not allowed i expect you to enforce it, maintenance mode or not, if you do not back it up remove it from your rules and open it up for everyone to just cheat, its not hard, you say something back it up… you telling me that the gms online answering petitions are not able to get into mini games to watch, i have seen them do it, so please…

You think Funcom have any problem holding anything against you if you break their terms and conditions if they dont like it, so because they break their own to us we now have to accept it?

You don’t have to accept anything. You can quit the game and uninstall anytime you want.

Back on topic…do you have plans on doing another Saga and when?

Thank you

I think it did perk up the player base: having upper tier weapons for old characters is fun

I can also voice my opinion which i am also entitled to do , thats the joys of having opinions , just because mine differs from you i should uninstal the game ? If you are happy with you’re customer service experience from funcom im happy for you , but as someone with i guess higher standards im exercising my right as a aub paying member to air my dissatisfaction , and as i have a financial input into this game im going to air it… Nothing ever improves if people just accept things for how they are , change dosnt come from stagnant situations without a spark…

Id also point out that as said before if they do another saga server with the cheats currently in game it truly should not be a pvp server , what kind of experience would that show to anyone thinking of returning to aoc for pvp reasons ?

This is so tiresome.
Make all speed & teleport hacks available for download on the official page. Label them as “game supplements”. If everyone cheat, nobody cheat. Issue fixed.


I agree the whole Situation is tiresome , I wish Funcom would step up and say something, but theirs heads always drop into the sand , Im now in hope of what was requested in the other thread of a vote to kick from minis similar to RF so we can just kick the hackers out…

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You assume we are freeloaders but many of us are paying subscribers. Myself included. the benefits are worth it in the long run and i went with the annual so it came out to less than 10 bucks a month.


I think it would be a pve saga 2.0 with reward t1 pvp at 80, cloack t2 pvp with destiny quest, necklace t3 pvpafter a mini and weapon t4 pvp (what is the max tier in pvp btw?) after completing 4 tasks ( at least level 7 pvp at least one victory in all minies, reaching a number of kills depending from which class is being played) this way all pvers will not be pissed off quitting after being ganked and minis will be full, everybody happy pvers and pvpers

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You are correct.