Reopen a new PvP Saga Server

I’ll pay funcom 100 dollars to make this happen. That was so run and brought a ton of my old friends back to the game for a brief time. Why did they stop with just one seasonal server? Do they hate money?

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sadly for you, most of the current population will not care about that and not spend a cent !

I agree,saga servers both pve and pvp bring my old friends also back to game just to play on saga server,thats cool for me to feel like fresh account again with all the people. I have 16 characters on 80 with pretty good gear and feels like theres not much to do now,and saga motivate me to play again with my people that I used to play :smiley: Sorry my English is not the best but I hope you understand me


This happened because of Mussagana the lead dev at the time. He has since left Funcom. There is no lead dev… Or any dev for that matter. No dev no updates or saga. 100$ wouldn’t cover half a days pay.

Didn’t they release Kuth and this northern themed grind feast after Mussagana left? I guess that was much more dev work than starting a new server.
And I would argue that the pve saga had a LOT of more population than the pvp one.

Like I heard was the most of the work on that maps done before, they just had to do some little changes before the release.

I think @Nirvelle worked on the onslaight grind fest thing. ^^

Kutchemes/skullgate was his last project that he worked on mostly solo for some time, when he left the company they brought some devs from conan exiles to finish and polish the job with the help of players who volentered to help with playtesting. Age of conan has no dedicated devs what so ever, shame considering its a mmorpg with such a good ip.


My friends would come back and play the game with a fresh saga pvp server. People aren’t playing now…when I log on you can’t even join a mini game.

A saga server is a temporary band-aid to a permanent problem. The problem being Funcom and the fact that they tried to emulate World of Warcraft and failed horribly. You can’t get a mini because of Raid finder, Kuth and the world boss. Folks would rather farm that “content” than get farmed in minis by elite pvpers with maxed out gear.

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I don’t think the drooling retards who farm the world boss are the same kind of player who would do minis. Truth is the pvp population left cause the game is shlt.

I think the main reason why pvp died is, there were too much ppl like you. You are articulating like a little boy…

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Found a world boss farmer

Until Funcom re-learns how to transfer characters again, there will not be a new Saga server. Maybe I am wrong here but…

A lot of people came back for that pvp saga server. With the new dune survival game on the horizon though I’m sure aoc will continue to fade away into nothingness.

It was fun, but we have to take into account that Funcom currently has no active Dev working on the game.

Not to mention the issue with character transfer which they still haven’t fixed yet.