Saga PvP server or new PvP maps?

The poll is simple , what you would prefer: a 3 month PvP saga server or new PvP maps ?
I would prefer new PvP maps because they would be permanent
Which is your choice?
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I think if you have any hope for a spark to bring people back to Pvp, than the Saga Server is the way to go.

A new map would just cater to the 40 or so current Fury players.

Only i don’t like de idea of “open world pvp”? Be killed while questing and then camp to kill players when they are most vulnerable sounds frustrating, not fun for me…

And there are a reason to why PvE server is much more populated…

I think some are really overestimating the desire for a Saga PvP server. I hope Funcom doesn’t get a false sense of demand for this type of server.


PvP saga, I believe that even if they could create a new mini game map they’d be incapable of making a good one.

New PVP maps personally

Well, I don’t know what is funcom capable of , but let’s say that the poll is between a couple of well designed pvp maps (quality as the ones already exist) and a saga PvP server with the quality of previous pve one

If they made a pvp saga server with open world pvp zones vs everything pvp that would work.

But having to do open world pvp while trying to quest is what made me move to wiccana in the first place, as I don’t want to do groups to do solo quests in khitai.

Well said. How have a high KD in a Open World PvP?

1 - Search a place near a quest boss
2 - Hide near the boss
3 - Wait until someone will engage the boss
4 - Nuke the person while he is engaging the boss, with most skills at cooldown and less health/mana
5 - Run to another boss to not give any change to the enemy revenge your

This doesn’t sounds fun for me…

With the ability now to freeze xp either the player base or Funcom themselves could limit the Pvp to the Tortage area. Low level mini’s were quite popular at the start of Saga.

Granted you’d still have the gank gangs, but with all leveling up to the max of 25/26 (after Funcom puts the level limit back in place for Tortage) it should even out, even as a non-pvper I think it could be fun.

saga pvp XDDDD for 20 People 1 server pvp in aoc is dead !

pls disable PVP !!!