Are the devs brain dead making PvP Saga?

They have a great chance to merge servers, get rid of divided population and instead pull this idiotic move. Pvp is killing this game you idiots! Why tf are you killing it even more?!

The amount of work it would take to impliment or change existing coding to merge the PvP and PvE servers, mixed with the current “dev team” which I’m sure consists of Mussagana, the janitor lady, and a hamster to power the servers is not feasible.

There are very few people left at Funcom who know the code for AoC on a deep enough level to change things without breaking 40x the amount of stuff. I doubt many of the people who know/knew the coding would want to come back.

As is, the saga PvP server will merge into Fury, as it’s a same ruleset. I’m sure the janitor lady could clarify more but she’s probably busy cleaning the bathroom to respond.

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At least move people from both pvp servers to Crom and stop the bs with split servers and P2W Saga

Not everyone wants to play with a pve ruleset

Problem is, they could simply add pvp versions for each map instead of separating into servers. Divided pop is bad for the game atm.

That requires editing the existing code, and Funcom’s basically stated that they do not have enough of a active team for AoC to make this feasible, as said in my original post.

They can’t it’s not that simple. This has been explained countless times. I realize you are late to the party but it isn’t going to happen in this lifetime.

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The answer is:

“No, we’re not braindead.”

Thanks for your feedback.