Fury after Saga of Blood


Just thinking about after the transfer to Fury, what things will be like when new players roll characters to find the high PvP toons, with gear and at least partial AAs waiting. Even saga toons that didn’t complete the server or max out their toons. Say a few months down the road how will Fury remain viable? Thoughts?


They should be just merged servers and added pvp instances to all areas.


Thats gonna be the problem really. Im affraid if they simply merge Saga and Fury, the game Will die on the pvp server. Either keep saga, or put all 3 servers into 1, keep the xp/aa/pvpxp boosts, add 3 options/ zone so you have normal epic and pvp, thats the Only way out i think


What about merge Fury to Saga? Or add same pvp boosts to Fury for new players.


I agree. If they do the merger they should maintain the saga boosts to speed the journey to equality. Then people can fight based on experience rather then gear and levels (pvp)


It will be just like it used to be, where people had to build their character up. Hopefully they will find a guild that will help them along.

I hope we will have some pve on fury as well as pvp.


That’s the plan. We want to do community events to keep Fury going on more than just mini games. That is where raiding comes in.