Could somebody briefly outline the basics of how the upcoming Saga server will work for someone who missed the last one?

Or point me in the direction of a main thread for the start of the previous Server?

  1. How is it different from Fury?

  2. Does everyone start off level one?

  3. Is XP (and pvp XP) gain doubled? Tripled?

  4. What else makes the experience different from just a PVP server?

The exact specs have not been announced yet, but based on Saga of Zath…

All players start from scratch and there is a limit of one per account.

There will be bounce for exp. gain and possibly a return of the fatality buff. How much is not known yet.

There will be rewards for reaching several goals. The rewards can be anything from vanity armor to high level weapons and accessories. Saga of Zath doubled the rewards in that once merged with Crom, you could /claim them on your other characters.

To add to Roddam’s comment’s:

  • /claims and vet rewards will probably be disabled.

  • should have the same open world Pvp that Fury has.

The PvE saga server was different from ordinary Crom play in that alot of old players and brand new one’s, plus the current pop all started out in Tortage as lvl 1’s all within in a very short space of time. Tortage was crowded, groups were forming, low level Pvp mini-games were popping alot. In short it was a throw back to the games hey days.

I’m sure the thought / hope is a Pvp Saga server will be the same.

Sounds like it’ll be a blast. Thanks for the responses.

Dev said to bother Andy for news

/bother @AndyB

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All should now
/bother @AndyB

/bother @AndyB
Wait a sec…

Haha, hi! Roddam and Nebless pretty much covered what Saga of Zath is all about, and Saga of Blood will follow a similar route; you’ll create a new character on a separate server and advance your character following a server-specific “Saga Quest” which gives special server-exclusive rewards for completing tasks. The big difference from Saga of Zath is that Saga of Blood will follow a PvP ruleset, with rewards and features revolving around PvP.

A full post is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can look forward to things such as tiered level caps (so, for example, when the Saga launches there will be a temporary level cap of 18, meaning Tortage will be a madhouse for a while :smiley: ), no RF/WB, leaderboards to track various stats, and we’re planning to hold a dueling tournament at the conclusion of the Saga based on leaderboards. We’re excited and hope you all have fun with the new Saga server.


At lvl 80 I would love to see a war / siege board :slight_smile: Let the war begin! :slight_smile: Still 14 days to wait :slight_smile:

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That sounds really good and actually reassuring. IMO minigames should be disabled too, at least for a while so that the focus is on open world and not the same old minis we’ve been spamming all those years.

First of all, I assume and hope the leaderboards will revolve mainly around objective PvP (minigames, sieges, festivals, arena duel kills. (Im not gonna mention bori, as I hope that is completely removed)) and less about kills and deaths*

With that said, a couple of things I fear.
When you add a leaderboard, and incentivize around it, people go to greater lengths to get that rank, meaning:

  • Group arena in the festivals can pose an issue with how the flagging/team system can be abused.
  • Bori should absolutely get removed** (as anyone remember at its release it is only a player-numbers game).
  • Exploiters going to the outskirt of a Solo Arena to trade kills to exploit a win, making any effort futilie for the other parttakers.
  • Signing tournament mode with 12 friends trading wins for the vanquisher quest and mini tokens (or more benefits if the mode is engaged in the leaderboards or saga questline)

and the only way to counter this easily would be to put GMs on more of an active duty to catch these guys, and discourage some of this behaviour (as petitions never catch them in time).

*kills and deaths oriented system will stimulate lame playstyles at times (such as people becoming too afraid to die, or healers neglecting their healing duties to make kills instead. Not that K/D shouldn’t add to the leaderboard at all, for the sake of open world PvP, as Biglouis mentions.
**bori removal could be a good selling point for people to try out AoC PvP, as bori has been quite the meme over the years over how sad it turned out.

PS. wicked overall news @AndyB !!!


They could track Healing like most games do. At least this could give incentives to healers to actually heal their team.

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but then again, the normal non-aa healing is a limited feature, and AA heals are not favorable or really available at all with the gear and AAs you have to give up to make use of it.

like Cappa was saying in the other thread, telling jeetz to make use of the feature… I don’t agree with Cappa, I’d say Im more on jeetz side in favor of buffing the bigheal, because not all healers can slot crit bigheal, and definately running around in gear without protection isn’t really an option. Celestial Gaze has a joke castingtime and range to consider aswell.

it’s the entire story of AoC priests all over again. you aren’t designed to be a healbot, you just need to do the basic heals. if heals is gonna be the only feature counting for healers it would be a total fail approach, so consider that too, but make it count a bit, definately! agreed @Davom

Sorry but I have to contradict you about this. Minigames should still be able to join because why should pvp players be forced to do open world pvp if they are more interested to participate 6vs6 matches (like I do, I deeply hate zerging and often open world pvp tends to be zerging).

Players who want to do open world pvp will do open world pvp, players who want to do team based matches 6vs6 will do this kind of pvp, no need to disable it!

don`t forget ro return team signes for minis

Minigames should most certainly NOT be disabled as they are part of the pvp culture.

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OK I’ll try to explain myself then. Disabling minis entirely and temporarily (ONLY talking about pugs, obviously) is too extreme for the current playerbase and I don’t seriously expect it to happen.

But I am simply not interested in doing the same pug minis (with solo queues since I have seen no indication of them changing the signup system whatsoever) with the same maps all over again (AND the same trolls/afkers/hackers). That’s not “fresh” and has zero appeal to me. I know some people like lowbie minis but I only find them fun in very small doses because of how silly the balance is.

I want true group content in the MMOs I play - where you can decide who you’re teaming up with. Pug minis are sort of similar to raidfinder, “solo” content that doesn’t encourage people to get better and team up but still rewards them.

I really wish instead of just 1v1 in the Pict Arena we had (for example) 2v2 or 3v3 (might be a good idea to move to a different and bigger location for that though!). You have no idea how disappointed I was when I learned that Pict Arena was only going to be 1v1.

So yeah, as for me I’d much rather see them focus on open world (with new rewards and incentives so that the majority doesn’t sit in safe zones spamming pug minis). AoC has fantastic outdoor maps and the free for all pvp you can have in those is a unique experience, full of tears and joy. It’s harsh and not for everyone though, not sure what portion of the current playerbase would actually enjoy it.

Look on the bright side, You don’t actually have to sign up for minis. You can just focus on world pvp. and other people who want to mini can still do so. there will be plenty of people to fight in wpvp i’m sure, especially since they’re staggering the level cap starting at level 18.

I am guessing minis would be efficient for those wishing to rise faster through PvP levels than just kills. Play them or dont, it’s up to us. Overall I am beginning to be concerned with the whole notion of this saga. At start it should be fun but as it progresses and people that play more than others will have an advantage so it could lead to alt farming so on which will kill the fun. Even with tiered progession there will some that will outpace others. We shall see.

Alt farming will be happening no doubt. It will be up to players to help police it. If you see something say something and we will be sure to “handle the situation” accordingly.

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How will someone altfarm when there will be no alt?