Saga of Blood Questions

  1. Will there be murder points and criminal rank if late starters who hit WS at level 8 or so are killed by 18s with PvP rank?
  2. What is the goal to keep the character when it transfers? PvP kills? Level? Zath we had to make level 20, most did but on Blood server?
    Thanks for any updates!
  1. The regular criminal system will be in place most likely. Level up in solo stuff etc if you start behind everyone.

  2. The goal is to have fun and pvp, and then you get exclusive rewards. The teaser trailer showed mount, pet, and maybe even tier 3 pvp armor. Essentially you can get a “fully” pvp geared character by playing the server and doing everything (most likely) Also, probably exclusive rewards for the top rankers too.

So what is going on with Saga of Blood? In game the dev stated that we were going to get information about it last week but we got just bits and pieces.

Is there pvp gear to be ‘won’?
Do the rewards get transferred only to characters on Fury?
Do the saga blood characters only get transferred at the end to Fury?
What sort of rewards are going to be offered?

I know that a lot of my friends on the Crom server are not very interested in pvp gear especially if it means that they can only use it on Fury…or that you have to transfer to Fury, use the saga rewards then wait a month to transfer back to Crom (unless that limitation was removed).

Its only another week away…can’t you give us more info now?

Some of your questions can be answered by reading the info posted @ Introducing Saga of Blood: Sept 27

the Selkhet mount and pet will be on as reward for su 1m /1year with new saga on 27th?

My current concerns:

  • Will we be able to create guilds before lvl 20? First week has a cap of 18, so under current ruleset, no guilds until 20, maybe lower it to lvl 10? or 18 even?
  • How can we siege at 80? Building a T3 keep in order to claim a BK is unrealistic. Requirements should be removed, or guilds with 24+ players auto boosted to T3 once plot is claimed. Otherwise no sieges.
  • RF/WB removed from server in order to halt the PvE grind. Chaos will be farmed to death for rings (as those are clearly best in game aside from WB) if that’s not removed as well.
  • Mastery AA grind, furthering previous point. Mastery AAs are the best AAs, pressing/decisive/wards and various other things. Grinding those will be a PvE grind as well, and this needs to be alleviated in a huge way.

Its on the info sheet that rf and wb are disabled

Certainly is, wasn’t any mention in my original post about RF.

We know there’s no RF/WB, there is no announcement that Chaos has been disabled and that’s just as bad as RF…

Yes, Chaos should be removed as well.

Let’s just remove all gear and dungeons and make it a naked pvp server with the only weapon being the broken oar. A true test of skill!


@Mussagana Is it possible for funcom, and would it be nice, to complete the PvP under 80 partial sets that are already available in Armory so that everyone can easily dress in a balanced way?

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What happens to the character when it ends, does it go to a different server or does the saga of blood server become it’s own?

When Saga of Blood closes, your character will be transferred to Fury with their inventory fully intact.

For general information regarding the Saga of Blood event and server, please be sure to read the news post on our official website, here:

Are we going to get a second set of gear or rewards for our main account characters like the other saga when the saga blood ends? And can we claim those rewards on Crom or Fury, or just Fury?

We should have more detailed notes about the Saga server… but seems like we’ll know more about the server itself on the 27th

What exactly is the point of putting us on Fury? The server is just about defunct, is it not? So people will be forced to pay 600 points to get back on Crom?.. nice one!


I think the idea is to repopulate it so it isn’t so “defunct”

We still play on fury. Enough to do. Some more pipulatok from saga would make it fully functioning no reason to transfer.

Yes, questions like “How many poor sods do we have to kill per tier?” :sunglasses: