Saga blood: what is coming up?

Hello all

I just was wondering some things:

We haven’t had an official notice as to whether Saga blood will give a free character slot like the original Saga if you hit a certain lvl on your saga char: any info?

What sort of rewards are we to expect? A full t1 pvp set after lvling to 80? Special reward that we can transfer to another character (and does that character have to be on Fury)?

Are healers and tanks going to be getting credit for healing and tanking in minis when they can’t do a direct kill or are the casters and rogues and such going to continue to get more pvp since they don’t have to worry about keeping their team alive? Especially for bears and guardians. I’d do a lot more kills if I wasn’t worried about trying to heal my team

When does Saga blood end?

Why is the scorpion mount and pet only an item shop lottery item? And why can’t item shop chests have a minimum offer of a purple item vs the cruddy blue ones? I don’t get anything decent from the boxes and it makes it such that I don’t want to waste money on it

Just how many ‘ptf’ item sets are there going to be on the way to lvl 80? Hopefully not a lot of them

Thank you

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