Saga pvp rewards

I heard people talking they read sure about reward pvp tier 1 at 80, but I see no info anywhere, did I miss it?

For GM: Those rewards (included cloak lvl 50 at 18) can be claimed with another toon after saga end?

I suppose every 10 level you get a piece of the vanity (except 18 when you get also the cloak)

Yes. Every item you get from the saga of blood quest can be claimed on any other character when the server is finished.

There’s also another cloak and a necklace a bit further down in the quest.

That include Crom characters?

So scorpion mounts and pet is only available from shop chests?


Bad news…

Well while I see it was same on zath on mounts at least the smaller version pet could have been part of quest :persevere: or at least it should be directly purchasable not to gamble on it…