Saga vanity armor on other characters?


Will we at all be able to get this set for one or more characters on Fury (or Crom if transfered after) when the server ends, or is it exclusive to the Saga character?

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As far as I know, all rewards will be available as claims in the item shop like it was last time, so you can claim the item on any chsracter since they are account bound.
But only once, keep that in mind.

I missed the last Saga, so I didn’t know that. Thanks!

Does that mean, then, that all of my characters across my account can claim the set, the restriction being maximum one claim per individual character?

No, the extra rewards after the server closes are only claimable on one character on your account. If you claim the items with character A you wont be able to claim them on character B anymore, that means you really need to carefully choose which character want get the items.
If you regret your choice you can still send a petition to a GM to reverse the choice but that will only work in a certain time frame (something like 2 or 3 months after the rewards were available) and it might take a while until you get a respone.

Thanks for the clarification!

Does this require that I finish all parts of the Saga questline, in this case the 50 kills, 10 arena kills and 10 minigames?

Also, what will be claimable? The social set and…?

On The fist SAGA, Each reward you earned was available as a /claim. If you didn’t complete the final tasks, you could still get the same rewards you got for the steps you did complete.

Very informative thank you sir!

Edi: I remembered wrong. Was just a guess that T6 weapons (etc) were noit claimable on Fury chars at end of last Saga.

Thanks Yawgmoth for correcting me,
Should’ve done my research before posting. :sunglasses:

If that’s the case, I think there will be several people that won’t be able to claim them at all. For example, I have no characters on Fury, and most of my friends are in the same situation.

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Seems I was wrong Yawgmoth after reading thE FAQ from last Saga.

"“This includes everything from the vanity gear, to the potions, to the power gear. These rewards can be used on Crom or Fury on a character of your choosing!”

Taking for granted that the same applies now.

Will edit my previosus post :slight_smile:

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