Saga rewards claim time limit


Is there a time limit on claiming saga rewards?
Are they going to disappear after a certain point?
I haven’t decided yet on which toon to claim what


I asked the same question a few days ago and was told by Funcom it has a 90 day time limit.


Last I heard I was 90days after the merge


merge was 16 may, 90 days, 14 august limit then?


I guess so, would be nice if a timer was displayed so there would be no confusion at all.


Agreed, ideally I think it shouldn’t expire so no one loses anything. I don’t see why it’s time limited honestly.
FC, please make sure it’s loud and clear for the players. A reminder email 2 weeks before expiry wouldn’t hurt either.


The time limit should really be mentioned in the “End of Saga FAQ” over here


It would be nice if the rewards you claimed disappeared versus telling us that you have claimed the max you can claim. Also an account wide vs one-time symbol or something. Like the sub rewards, some are acct wide, some are one time. Saga rewards are one time.


So, I will use this thread for feedback about the 90 day claim limit.

Is there a reason for this limit? We talked a little in some raids and groups, and there are actually some people (returning players or new mostly) who are now trying out and leveling new (basicly their second) toon in a slow paste (because Saga was kind of a time run), and those people are not sure on which character even to claim the T6 items.

The vanity items are on this 90 days timer, too? That is even worse, beause it takes up space, and a lot of people want to wait to claim it untill there is a occasion where they need it.
Is there a chance to get this time extended, or even removed?