Loyalty Rewards stop at 1080 days subbed? Still?

Loyalty Rewards replaced Veteran Rewards and we were assured there would be ongoing additions to reward you when you bought a subscription. This has not happened. last time loyalty rewards were added was Sept. 2018 I believe.

Veteran Rewards just kept adding tokens and occasionally some new items to spend them on, but you always got some vet tokens every month you were subscribed.

Anyway, I have been subbed mostly since 2008. I am not sure I play AoC enough anymore to be a subber though. My character slots filled a long time ago. Loyalty Rewards or Vet Rewards of some kind seem like a logical means of encouraging players to maintain their subscriptions.


No loyalty reward additions + Knowing their payment system scam people daily but does nothing to fix it :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:


Well, on a screenshot by @AndyB that showed us where the free shards for event are to be grabbed we can see two new items, Shackles of Selkhet (cloth bracers) and Ancestral Warlord’s Cloak (black swept cloak), bu these are not yet released, as far as I can see in game.

They were from saga

You mean they were exclusive to saga server characters and were not intended for the rest?

You could obtain them via pvp saga server and claim them afterwards on one toon

i did ask about this awhile back when they dropped the last sub offer (prob"s a saga thing) i simply asked what their preferred method was in the future (sub offer’s or loyalty scheme), if they were opting for sub offers again ? would they continue to add to the Loyalty claims system ? questioning along the lines of were they going to run both /either/ none in the future and tbh the answer i got was basically “we will do as we see fit” , so in other words they’re just winging it and don’t know either by the sound’s of thing’s

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I guess I’m due a refund of my sub from September 2018 given that I’m not getting what I paid for?