Loyalty Rewards

The last time Loyalty rewards where added was September of 2018.
In July of 2018 Andy B said “Rewards will be added at times when it makes the most sense for the community. You can expect future rewards to still be tied to length of membership; I’ll have to get back to you on exactly how they will be labelled.”

Since it has been more than a year, is there any plan to add more?

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Loyalty … or Sucker Reward? :crazy_face:
If we believe Funcom communications (once every six months) I fear we are all the latter! :anguished: :cry:
It seems Funcom has a dictionary where some words are “redacted” with a black marker, Loyalty and Customer-support being some of them. :scream: :rage:


Another really shady move about the loyalty rewards is that they are still advertised as having new ones added every 180 days. If you buy a subscription new loyalty rewards beeing added is part of the contract. So basicly this is fraud.


Why so pessimist? Surely they are planning to add something awesome for Halloween! :rofl:

/irony off


considering sueing funcom for not adding rewards as advertised.


From what I heard, they wont be having Halloween stuff in exiles either

I hope that, at the very least, they will do the usual events… :grimacing:

@AndyB Will we ever see any more Loyalty rewards?

How do I claim these loyalty rewards? I’ve been a member for 8+ years and I cannot find a single reward.

If you open the item store and press rewards :slight_smile: :smile:

They’ve taken almost every benefit away from subscribing. Lack of loyalty rewards for ~1 year is just another slap in the face to subscribers. It’s no wonder so many people have left.

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You will never get another Subscriber Loyalty Reward and you’ll like it!

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