1 year sub not updating

Hey peeps, I just resubbed for 1 year (still have a 1 month sub going for like 10 days) but for some reason it is not being billed nor are my loyalty rewards updating ingame. My Account page says I have a 12 month sub tho. Do I need to wait till the 1 month runs out in 10 days or what’s the deal?

I think so, otherwise some could say they were cheated out of their 10 days remaining. I think F/C is set up to add time at the end, instead of front loading (auto 1 year NOW and showing you have 1 yr and 10 days left).

That really sucks tho =( I got this sub now because I wanted the instant lvl 80 character from loyalty rewards… now I gotta wait till my 10 days run out first it seems.

Edit: Outdated

If it is not billed yet then you will have neither the playtime nor the loyalty days, but your sub model will have changed to 1 year. Check the payments (for paypal you need to create a new payment option every time you want to use it).

It has been awhile since I have done stuff with subs, but I thought there were two ways of going about it. If you change your sub model from 1 month to 1 year, I believe nothing changes till the billing date. But if you add a 1 year sub on top, the billing happens immediately and you get the stuff and the added year.

The account page could be a bit confusing, as there are multiple ways to get into the membership add/change pages and they can have different effects.

I’ve taken a couple screenshots of how I think it differs.

Change membership (goes into effect at end of current subscription)

Upgrade membership (happens now)

@Piankhi Update: See Sunstars post - as I understand it you are right.

Best way to sort this out, especially if there is a problem with the payment (the OP wrote the billing did not go through for some reason), is to talk to the customer support. Usually they are amazing helpfull with stuff like this.

THanks for the replies guys ! So far nothing happened. It says I have a 12 month sub, but neiter Paypal nor on the recent transactions page does it show anything about a payment. I even bought some FC points to ensure it wasn’t because of Paypal, this worked fine within minutes. On the FC page there is a option to see all recent transactions, including pending ones. The FC points show up, but the 12 month sub does not. I guess I will have to contact CS and figure it out, or wait 10 days and see if it bills at the end of my 1 month sub.

Yeah, go ahead and contact help.funcom.com and they can probably figure out and explain exactly what is up.

To clarify few things.

  • Changing your membership plan before your expiration date will not add extra game time until it expires.
  • “Upgrading” also known as adding additional membership adds it immediately.
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