12 months premium

Hi there heroes ! I have a question , If i buy 12 months premium membership while I have a 1 month I get a 12 hoards ? I want buy it in PLN (polish value) and it is any difference or not ?

If premium membership is already active on your account, you can still participate in this special offer by logging in to https://account.ageofconan.com/ and clicking “Special Offers” in the right-hand column. Buying the 12-month offer will extend your premium membership by 360 days. This “stacks” with any membership you already have active - it won’t overwrite or cancel the existing time.

All 12 hoards should be available immediately, as well as any additional Loyalty Rewards you unlock by extending your membership. :slightly_smiling_face:

The currency you’ll be billed in is the currency listed on your account management page - this is determined by your account’s region of registry. If the listed value is in Euros, please be sure to contact your card provider with any questions you have regarding their currency conversion practices as well as any fees they might charge. Since those fees aren’t charged or collected by Funcom, we can’t predict them. I hope this information helps!

clicking “Special Offers” in the right-hand column

Why does the regular way of subbing not give the bonuses? The “Special Offers”-button is not exactly pulling attention.

Oh wow, so you have to click on the advertisement first before subbing?! That explains why I did not get a hoard when subbing for a month… so there are two different types of premium right now if I understand that correctly.

Ah, so i subbed already and wont get the chest eh? Thats what i call a piece of sh*t offer.
Not that i wasnt going to sub either way, but the fact that auto renewal doesnt grant it is a bit lowly, don’t you think so FC?


Players are also reporting that the following bug seems to happen more often than usual at the moment:

When one subs for 12 months only those 12 month show up as gametime - but the one still had left, allready payed game time, just vanishes. For example my “old” sub ends / will be renewed on 05 15 19, I take the current offer and add the 12 month, my “new” sub expieres on 02 17 20 (the 12 months / 30 days a month), but the time from 02 22 19 to 05 15 19 is just gone.

Is there something people can do to avoid this situation? I guess there are even a lot of people who do not realize what happenend. The account is not translated very well into other languages than english,too.

If you’re having trouble with the payments on your account, please feel free to contact Support through email and we’ll be happy to help you sort things out:

We can also help in the event you’ve forgotten to select the special offer before renewing.

Multipe of my guildies have had this problem no (12 month offer - gametime that was on the account gone). All of them contacted support through email, got a reply with ticket number, but have not heard back from the customer support for days no. The last one wrote on wednesday.

Andyb said you expect longer responding times due to the end of Saga. How long is the responding time at the moment?

Thats reassuring. Thanks, almost lost hope haha

I had the same issue, after about 2 days the problem was fixed, but I didn’t receive any mail from Funcom, I just found out logging into my account.

Indeed it would have been better to receive a standard mail saying that the ticket was closed, but i guess it’s asking too much… :sweat_smile:

Hi is the silent legion vanity just a random drop from chest or is it automatically given after subscription?

It’s a random drop from the box, you don’t get the armor set for subscribing.

The Cache of the Silent Legion (which contains the vanity armor) is one of two possible legendary drops from the Hoard of the Silent Legion:


So I had a problem where I wanted to subscribe as a member for the first time with the special offer and was going to pay through Paypal at first. However, when I got to the checkout screen I decided “Nah, I’ll pay with credit card instead” and canceled out. When it brought me back to my account page after canceling, the special offer was gone and the payment says pending under payment history although it won’t go through since I obviously canceled. I contacted Funcom support hoping that they will be able to restore the special offer so that I can subscribe as a member to take advantage of the Silent Legion stuff… just wanted to post my problem in case someone else reads this first and doesn’t have to experience this or can offer any advice if Funcom can restore something like that if it happened in the past? I hope they respond back soon…

after I had bought one month sub, the 12 months sub offer is gone…is it possible for me to buy both???

I have exactly the same issue as you. I sent a ticket to Customer service 21.02. and till this day I received no answer. Customer service in AoC is one of the worst and I never imagined that it would be so bad. If I could give them a grade it’d be 1/10.

Just don’t expect to get any answer soon…