Paid for a 12 month sub today. No bonus items


Not sure what’s going on…
Paid for 1 months reoccuring sub yesterday.

Enjoyed the new server, decided to jump in and pay the $90+ for a year and get all the bonus items.

Got home from work, logged into my account and chose the 12 month option.
It said pending a little bit. Logged in and played a but waiting for the pending to become paid and guessing that’s when my bonus items would kick in.

2 hours later log out. Go check account.
“12 month $90+ subscription paid”

Ok, great.

Log back in, check rewards “No rewards”…

Uh, wheres my stuff? Lol


Did you sub regularly or by clicking on the promotion and subbing. I think if you sub normally for 12 month you get FC point while if you sub through the promotion page you get the free items but no FC points. Should open a ticket to get it sorted out.


Everytime I tried to use the link for the promotion I got a 500 error timeout or something along those lines.


Worked using the “old” account page.
Remember to use special deal.


There’s something to be said for clarification of what’s included, especially if there is more than one pathway to purchase. Still awaiting delivery of items (since Thursday) here, too. Yes, I’ve opened a ticket. I’m guessing that the response to the new server has been overwhelming. Nonetheless, the slow turnaround on billing and delivery issues like this is disappointing.


Truth be told, the fact that these are vaild for the special 1 time subscription, and not for the regular one is communicated very poorly. The special option, which does grant the promotional items is effectively hidden in a rather nondescript area of the account management page, and the first thing you see are the normal subscriptions that do not grant these items.

I did the same mistake last year, I meant to get the promotional subscription, but since I wasn’t looking hard enough to find it, I ended up using the very visible normal option not giving any bonus items. Only when I went back a day later (after payment went through and there were no bonus items received) and thoroughly checked every single link and button on the account page did I discover that the special offer is for a separate subscription method, not the regular one, and I should have found and used that instead.

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In the same boat submitted a ticket and nothing…


Same problem here… The payment/bonus its very poorly explained.
Have a ticket open for more than 2 months, and still no reply.