The Event sub reward is missing

just returned the game awhile back, last week as i saw the new hoard ad, i renewed my sub to a new 12 months, when i log game later i didn’t recieved the 12 hoards rewards. tho, i tried both in-game and web form petitions. no fix so far, i am bit dispointed on how this been handled.

Did u check in /claim?

It’s poorly executed but to get the special offer items you must click on the Specials menu and select the sub time off the specials advert… if you simply purchase “game time” then you don’t get the specials.
To get them to fix it, you need to send an email to funcom support … and then wait until they respond … at the moment it seems the response time is very very slow …
Their account management page has always been difficult to figure out for me … WHY they don’t link the specials to auto-renew sub time or all modes of purchasing subscription time I don’t know … the issue you face occurs EVERY time they do a special offer … it seems excessively complicated for the customer to know how to get the offers.

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Customer Support can not help you with account or billing issues over the forums, I’m sorry. If you’ve already submitted an email support ticket, it will be answered by our support team as soon as possible. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.