Still being f2p

So can you please check what’s going on about this matter? I bought additional game time on 23.02. and sent you a ticket that something is wrong because all I received was a Hoard chest from subscription offer but I remain a f2p player yet.

I’ve been waiting 4 days for for any response at all, tommorow will be the 5th day. I guys paid for this and I am highly disappointed of your services. Would be great if you could check what is going on and solve the problem (and also would be great to get back those 4 lost days being f2p and this is fair in my opinion).

“[Funcom Support #1103849]”. This is the ID.


Just adding that a handfull of my guildies are still waiting for answers to their issues regarding the missing subscription days (remaining game time got removed after they bought the new sub offer).
In some cases 6 month and more are just gone. Tickets over 5 days old now.

Are you having trouble with answering tickets atm? Please communicate if that is the case.

We’re working to help everyone with pending support requests as quickly as we can. I’m sorry for any inconvenience you may be experiencing in the meantime, but repeatedly posting about pending support requests to the forums will not shorten your wait time. Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.