F2P in game with valid membership

Hello, i am returning player (after 10 years of inatcivity). I have payed for membership and have valid membership at my account and i am still F2P in game. I wanted to feel this world again after so long but i am loosing patience after wainting for almost a week at this moment for reply for my ticket. I dont know what else i can do.
Cheets, Sagita.

I sent them 2x tickets, submited this issue on steam forum here and sent petition in game. Is any other way to contact them? Cheers.

Wow this is just mind blowing how they dont care at all. I have tried to contact then any way possible and no reply what so ever. Money spent and service not provided. This is almost 2 weeks for now. In my country if you pay for service and it;s not provided we call it stealing. I my experience in gaming i have never felt so powerless.

@AndyB please take a look at this.

Scratch my reply. Found out how to fix the problem from another post on here.

Good for You, i am waiting almost 3 weeks just for reply, not even fo resolve my problem.

Every fking day, whatever i do i loose 50% premium bonus which i should have. I have to store all boxes because when i will have premium i will get +50%. It’s sooooo(…) fking annoying. It’s beyond my mind how usleless support in this game is.
Edit: Also i have lost 79 expertise points because i was leveling with not workig premium.

It looks like Funcom ended supporting their old product.
It’s a shame that you are paying for nothing !!! :rage: :rage:
Even no one is able to reply from apployes…

I have no problem with my polish account but it looks like common issue. :thinking:

Still nothing, no premium in game. Does someone have any idea what else i can do? It’s going closer and closer for being full month…

Ask your bank to reverse the charges as you have paid for something that you have not received. I pay with PayPal and would definitely do that if I was charged for something I didnt receive.

I would also investigate EU law about paying for something you haven’t received yet or even better do a Data Subject Access request under GDPR to see if they are even processing your request

Sadly you just can wait. If you reverse the payment, there is a high chance, to get banned :confused:

@AndyB Please take a look at it.

Getting banned is last this i want. this account has sentimental value for me.

You will only get banned for reversing a payment if you reverse the payment and claim ‘fraudulent or unauthorized transaction’ as the reason. this forces funcom to assume you have been using an unauthorized payment source which results in a permanent ban.

If you use a service like paypal, you can reverse the charges by claiming you didnt get what you paid for (which you clearly didnt) and they will get you your refund without you getting banned.you shuold be able to do that with your credit card as well if you didnt use paypal.

Just a by the by, you should always use paypal when dealing with funcom if at all possible. Payments always go through and refunds arent an issue.

There is a common & misunderstood myth that any attempt to chargeback funcom will result in an automatic ban. This is not the case.

Just avoid using ‘fraud’ or ‘unauthorized transaction’ as the reason for the refund or chargeback and you wont have a problem.

Sadly i did not use PayPal. Contact to funcom support feels like hitting wall with head. This is by far my worst experience with support from game companies by far. This is one of reasons why this company is dying. They can create wonderful games but after some time they stop taking care.

Agreed, and they have been passively accepting money for years now knowing the system is broken, if thats not fraud I dont know what is.

Almost 1 month still no reply, srevice not provided. This company is scam.

The funcom paradox is that my premium has ended before it even began. That is, my patience is over. For the 15 remaining players i wish you fun in this game, i cant enjoy it because of funcom ignorance.

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