Frozen account after successful payment

I paid for a subscription via PayPal and somehow it failed, but the second one went through fine. My account is now frozen with it saying I’m subscribed, but I’m actually f2p in game even though I paid for it. Submitted a support ticket over a week and a half ago and haven’t heard anything. It’s very frustrating that I’m paying for it but not getting anything. Any advice on how to fix this?

Edit: the ticket I submitted for this issue was “[Funcom Support #1149938]”

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Me too. No response at all. I just wanna play with my entire account.

with me is the same

Funcom really needs to do something. The amount of issues reported here on the forums when it comes to buying basic in game services is INSANE.

Their payment system is messed up to a degree which is unbelievable! :rage:
They should do something about it !!! :rage: :rage: :rage:

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Omer, I am going to message you on DC, but go back and edit this to include “@andyb” in the message. He is one of two community managers, and he may be able to flag the the issue to the account services folks. Include your ticket number in this message, but no other account info…

@AndyB I know that you folks are busy and that the number of people handling account services is low, but this is an issue that must get fixed. The folks who come in to this game, really like it, and are putting money into it. So, FC, help us out. Fix the problem…Thank you!



The payment issues have gone on for far too long. I realize the staff is low, but this is a central issue to the game- Many people refrain from subbing for just this sort of problem.

Once, I think maybe one of the Saga server (or something else) there was a box in-game for Funcom points that included a month sub with whatever gear that was offered. @AndyB replied to my suggestion of making an in-game sub box as a possibility, and said he would try to have it looked at- seems it never went anywhere (to no fault of Andy’s) but I still hope for the day we can buy sub time from the game store with Funcom points.


They finally got to my support ticket today and resolved my issue. Was about a 2 week turnaround time for me!

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