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Does anybody contacted Funcom via email recently? I sent an email weeks ago when my aac got frozen after last payment (successful) and nobody answered yet, I lost one of twelve months from my subscription already due to error which occurred on my account and I don’t know what to do now. Does anyone know how long and even if it’s possible to get any help from a bank in that case? Especially after a month?


Please be sure that you make a ticket over the Ticket System

Thank you for fast reply, this is exactly what I have done: "Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Service. We have given your request the ID “[Funcom Support #■■■”

unfortunately then you can only wait for replay

I experienced the same issue last weekend (March 8). I am a paid player of 10 years. My sub ran out. I went to pay again ( slams head to wall wondering why). I tried 2 different PayPal accounts, and 2 different credit cards… They approved, I was charged, and yet I am STILL FREE TO PLAY. I sent emails to the support email ( cant mention it here or it wont post my reply) as well as GM’s in-game. GM’s in-game ofc cant help me, although they respond within 24 hours… customer service are not responding to our basic needs, which is the very essence of doing business…giving us our service in exchange for payment. I am ticked off as hell because I am having bank space issues, resource space issues, gold cap, AA wasted, and my motivation for T6 is decreased because of the sub relics. This treatment is disgusting

Support tickets have been taking up to 3 months to get a reply.

Pretty similar situation to mine but mine is like 1-month instead of yours 3… I’m really disappointed that I’m not gonna be premium for another couple of months. I’m probably going to fight for my money then. Thanks for your post.

Thanks for your answer, after 11 years of supporting Age of Conan it’s probably time to stop it. Even if I get help in another couple of months, do I get my wasted time of being premium but not able to benefit from it back? Probably not so next time I’m gonna pass on it. Thanks for being honest.

I don’t think anyone else in those situations have mentioned if they did/didn’t get the wasted time back. But I imagine if they weren’t given all the wasted time back, they would have complained a bunch more about how unfair that was. So, I would assume when they finally do respond, they will unfreeze the account, and set the subscription time to give you the full length you paid for.

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Log in the game and use /petition and you may get a GM to check your account. They won’t address accounts from the forum. Good luck.

Who else thinks Funcom like everyone else have gone home to not risk Corona?

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They’ve been working from home for a few days now… it’s on Twitter

But not caring to post on their own game’s forum, shocking. I would never expect funcom to neglect informing their costumers :hushed:

same here for me, cannot break the gold cap to buy t6 gears…/cry

I did, they can’t help out in that case.

GM @Tamtor answered my in game petition within 3 days. I hoped that would’ve helped you, too; sorry to hear of your troubles.

So sorry to heard that, looks like this is a bigger problem than I thought and more and more people are stuck with money being taken off their accounts but not receiving service. I really do hope they will address it sooner than later…

Sent you a DM @Radim


The real issue for me is when will this get corrected for myself and/or everyone?

I still have not heard from anyone either…