Dont Subscribe until they fix their stuff

I re-subbed a few days ago. My account did not unlock from F2P. The payment is shown as accepted and the funds on my card were removed. Later that day received an email that my subscription was cancelled and they tried to bill my prepaid card again which lacks the funds to be double billed. I sent a customer support ticket and have received nothing. My account is still F2P and my money is gone.

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I agree, they can lack on any department but not money one. I don’t really care about CS or GM or whatever but when it comes down to money they should be perfect. It’s unacceptable to play with ppls money.

FYI, the support tickets can take up to around 3 months for a response.

Contact with guys from Tencent and you’ll See how fast Funcom solve your ticket :wink:

Account FROZEN when I paid for a subscription?

Stuck in free-to-play mode again… sounds like a Creedence song

Paid $12.99 usd for 1-month subscription followed by $9.99 usd for 1200 Funcom coins and the purchase for coins worked (

Today, I checked and it’s still FROZEN. Paid another month ( and that processed but account is still FROZEN and payment is approved.


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I suspect its a system wide decision until Tencent fires them.

We can’t help with billing issues directly from the forum. Please don’t post screenshots of your account. We can’t help you unless you submit a ticket at - if you want to directly message me with your ticket number, I’m happy to at least check in on the status of your ticket. Thank you!