Acount Frozen after payment being taken - Support not replying

Hi I purchased 3 months subscription on 14/08/2022.

Immediately after purchasing this I went to remove my card details, but could not find how to do this, so I clicked on the payment section again to see if my card details were automatically forgotten or kept in your database without the option to remove them.

I found that my card was being held by Funcom/Anarchy without my authorisation.

I emailed support immediately asking them to unfreeze my account and also remove my card details, I have had no reply and 5 weeks has past.

At this point I do not want my account unfreezing, I would just like a full refund as the wait time for the support on the website is astronomical, a long wait for a game support is usually 24-48h (but usually most come back to you within a few hours), I have never waited longer then 72h for any form of support in my life.

How does Funcom/Anarchy Freeze an account that has a paid running subscription (and not pause the subscription) - when the account is in good standing and the error/issue is their end?

Can someone please contact me with how I can get a full refund and have my card removed from your database/systems. Preferably before 2023

If you log in through the old account site , you can remove your card via “Manage Payment Options” toward lower left on menu. If you don’t care about the account, after removing the card details, file a chargeback with your bank/cc company. If you want to keep the account and get the time back, you’ll need to go on the AO Discord Anarchy Online MMORPG Official Discord and message AndyB.

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I got a similar problem , I got double charged, even I payment said failed, it also got charged, I do not know how I can get a refund , payment ID 123488576, status fail and got charged, after I unfreezed paying again another month, that ID got erased and replaced with new one, the issue its my second payment was fail and got charged …

Same advice I listed above you. You will get no help from Funcom on these forums or from their non-existent customer support regardless how many tickets you put in. There’s a reason banks make you verify you actually want to pay Funcom when you make a payment, they have black marks against them with every payment processor out there. So like I said before, contact AndyB on AO Discord if you want to keep the account, or do a chargeback and move on.

Thankyou Zorvan, I wasn’t sure if you were affiliated with FunCom given the advice of joining their Discord and contacting someone directly that way, but as I can see now you are just a knowledgeable and helpful person.
I wonder why they even have a support email if they have no idea how to read and write.

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